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Q: What did the soliers say regarding the missing body of Jesus?
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Where was thomas if not with the others when Mary told of the missing body of Jesus?

We are not told where Thomas was at this time.

What made Martha so important in the bible?

It was Martha who first found out that the body of jesus was missing. She ran and told the others.

Who were the two Marys who discovered Jesus missing?

A:In Matthew's Gospel, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary discovered that the body of Jesus was missing from his tomb. We are not told who the other Mary was. In Mark's Gospel, there were three women who went to the tomb and discovered that the body of Jesus was missing: Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome.In Luke's Gospel, we do not know how many women went to the tomb and discovered that the body of Jesus was missing. They were Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and other women.In John's Gospel, only Mary Magdalene went to the tomb but ran back when she saw the stone had been moved, leavng it to the 'disciple whom Jesus loved' and Peter to discover that the tomb was empty. Jesus later appeared to Mary Magdalene but she at first thought he was the gardener.

The meaning of body and blood of Jesus Christ?

the body is the body of jesus and blood is jesus blood... ! :))

What body parts are turkeys missing?

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When did Jesus change into his blood and body?

Jesus was born with a body and blood.

How is Jesus body different from ours?

Jesus body is diferent from ours because of the Transfiguration and because Jesus Hanas were pierced

Jesus' body was rapped in what?

The body of Jesus was rolled in a cloth , something like the Shroud of Turin.

Is it true that Pope John Paul II's dead body is missing?

No, his body is not missing. It has been moved to a new tomb in the Vatican, however.

What was missing from Lenin's funeral?

Lenin's body.

What is the body structure of a Gecko?

body structure such as missing or twisted limbs, missing tail segments, runts, kinked tails, and other extreme condition

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Michael's body was never missing.