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The Rocket Key is the Elevator Key that powers the elevator in the Celadon City Rocket Headquarters, under the Game Corner.

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Q: What is a rocket key?
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Where do you get the key for the elevater in Rocket Game Corner in Pokemon Blue?

A rocket grunt drops the key on B3.

How do you get the key?

to get the key you have to go down the rocket with WATER !

Which of newtons laws of motion is key to a rocket launch?

Newton's third law of motion is key to rocket launch.

How do you get the lift key for the elevator in the team rocket base under the game corner?

In Basement Floor 3 there is a Rocket Grunt standing in the corner of the room, battle him and he will drop the Lift Key. If the key doesn't appear right away move away from the Rocket and the item will appear.

Lift key Pokemon LeafGreen?

In the rocket hideout you will need to find a lift key in order to operate the elevator, one of the rocket grunts on Basement Floor 3 has the key you must defeat him in a battle and he will accidentally drop the key grab it and head for the elevator then you can use the key to move the elevator down to the last floor that way you can defeat the team rocket boss!

How do you get the rocket key card?

You have to go to the rocket game corner and defeat the rocket grunt at the poster. He will leave the poster. Press A on the poster and then walk left. You will be in the rocket hideout. Search the hideout and defeat everyone until you find a grunt that says o no i dropped the key card. Take the key card and look for Giovani. Defeat him and get out of the hideout.

Pokemon Yellow where to find lift key for team rocket?

In Pokemon Yellow, the lift key is in the Rocket Hideout under the Celadon Game Corner. One of the Team Rocket Grunts will mention the Lift Key before you fight him. Once you defeat him, he will drop the Lift Key. He should be in the northwest room on the 4th floor down (B4F). To get to the Rocket hideout, you need to use the switch behind a poster.

Where is the key to the elevator at team rocket's hideout?

just fight all the team rocket that you didn't have already fought because 1 trainer of your enemy will give you the elevator key..

How do get card key?

A team rocket member has it. You need to beat them to get it.

Were to get key card for the rocket underground bass?

The Card Key for Silph co. is on the fifth floor of the building. The Lift key for Rocket Game corner is in Basement Floor 4, at the very top, you must battle the trainer.

Where is the elevator key in FireRed?

In the rocket game corner head to B3 a rocket in the corner will lose the lift key after you beat him take it then operate the lift on B2 then go to B4 beat the rockets then the rocket leader take the silph scope.

How do you get the key for the elevator in Pokemon Blue?

beat a team rocket on floor 4 talk to him after you beat him and you get the key

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