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Neutral switch? If you mean the neutral-safety switch, it's a switch that opens (prevents current from flowing) when your car is not in park or neutral. Without this switch, you would be able to turn the key and actuate the starter when your transmission is in reverse, drive and low range.

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Vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions require the use of a neutral safety switch. The neutral safety switch prevents the engine from being started unless the shift selector of the transmission is in NEUTRAL or PARK. It disables the starting circuit when the transmission is in gear. This safety feature prevents the accidental starting of a vehicle in gear, which can result in personal injury and vehicle damage.

Vehicles with standard transmissions also have a safety switch that requires the driver to hold the clutch pedal to the floor to enable the starter to engage.

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The neutral start ( or neutral safety ) switch on an automatic transmission allows the vehicle to start only in park or neutral , and also acts as the backup light switch

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a switch that prevents an engine from starting unless the transmission is in park or neutral

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Q: What is a starter Ignition Neutral switch?
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No voltage at starter solenoid replaced ignition switch and starter relay?

Your neutral safety switch-try putting car in neutral and trying it

What wires go to the neutral safety switch on a 1980 ElCamino?

They are dark purple. It goes from the ignition switch to the neutral safety switch to the starter.

Where is the starter relay on 92 town cars?

the answer is the neutral saifty switch relays the starting signal to starter the neutral safety switch relays the starting signal to starter from ignition switch they look the same but plug up different make sure you have right neutral switch

Car won't start with key switch but will if you jumper over solenoid on starter?

Check the neutral safety switch,it is located on the transmission or on the steering column ,under the dash.

Your F150 will not start and will not take a jump the alternator solenoid and battery were replaced is it most likely the starter?

Starter Ignition Neutral switch

2000 s10 everything works on ignition switch except start position?

Bad neutral or clutch safety switch? Bad starter? bad starter solenoid?

2004 f350 6.0LT no signal to starter?

Possibly a neutral lockout switch, possibly a bad connection, possibly an ignition switch.

Can't start 1989 Chevy Suburban with the key only by directly wiring starter is there a fuse link from the ignition wiring to the starter?

Generally the problem is either a defective neutral safety switch or a bad ignition switch (not ignition key lock).

1995 Dakota won't start battery good starter good will push start can arch the strater and will start and run replaced ignition switch still nothing?

might be starter relay, or the crank circuitry from the switch or to the starter from the relay. I would trace back from the starter to the starter relay back through the neutral safety switch to the ignition switch.

What if your 95 cutlass sepreme starter wont click when you turn the ignition?

Seized Engine? Weak or dead battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Bad starter solenoid? Bad starter? Bad neutral safety switch? Bad ignition switch?

My ignition lights come on but car wont turn over?

Starter, battery, battery connections, neutral switch,

You Turn ignition keyhave lights and radio but no engine turnover?

Seized engine? Weak battery? Corroded or loose battery cables? Bad starter or starter solenoid? Bad neutral or clutch safety switch? Bad ignition switch?