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In Physics, singularity is a point at which a function takes an infinite value, especially in space-time when matter is infinitely dense, as at the center of a black hole.

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Q: What is singularity in physics?
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What colour was the Singularity that gave rise to the Universe?

Undefined. We have precisely ZERO information about the singularity; in fact, the word "singularity" implies that we CANNOT know anything about it. The laws of physics, as we understand them, do not work in a singularity, so nothing can be said about it. If it helps you to visualize it, think of it as a black point in a dark universe.

Do the laws of physics break down at the singularity because infinity cant be properly explained?


Is Big Bang and singularity possible?

The Big Bang almost certainly did occur.A singularity, on the other hand - whether it is the singularity of the Big Bang, or the singularity in a black hole - probably indicates that something is incomplete in our current understanding of physics.

Does anything break the laws of physics?

I can't think of an instance. I'm pretty sure that they make sure that when they make it a law and no longer a theory, its because its 100% true all the time actually the point known as the singularity in a black hole is where laws of physics do break down at least with the current set of physical laws a new theory will have to be created to understand, express, and predict what happens and what will have happened at this singularity

What are singularities?

A singularity is originally a mathematical term for a point at which an equation has no solution. In physics, it was proven that a large enough collapsing star would eventually become a black hole, so dense that its own gravity would cause a 'singularity' in the fabric of space-time, a point where many of the physics equations suddenly have no solution.Singularity has become, in physics, another name for a black hole, a compression of matter so dense, not even light can escape it.

What is the singularity inside a black hole?

All black holes have a singularity at their center. A singularity in a black hole is a location where the density of matter is infinite, at such a location physics equations give incomprehensible nonsense answers. (singularities occur in pure mathematics also, where for various reasons usable answers cannot be obtained from the equations: e.g. singular matrices)in Static and Charged black holes this singularity is an infinitesimal Rotating black holes this singularity is a rapidly spinning ring.

Do astronomers understand exactly what singularity is?

The term "singularity" is used in several contexts. In mathematics, this is the point at which the plot of the graph turns straight up or becomes discontinuous. In physics, a singularity is a point of transition, where the normal laws of physics would yield nonsensical results. In astronomy, an example of a "singularity" is the extremely dense center of a black hole, where the math we use to describe gravity suddenly does not make sense. (This is generally understood to mean that we really do not understand yet what is going on under these conditions. We'll figure it out eventually.) The other example in astronomy is the singularity at the start of the Universe in the Big Bang Theory. In philosophy, especially the philosophy of technology, the term "singularity" is used in a similar fashion; a time when the normal continuous path of human progress shifts abruptly. For example, the development of a brain-computer interface would cause a discontinuity in human development and evolution. This is sometimes referred to with the capital letter phrase "The Singularity". Author Ray Kurzweil has written a book "The Singularity Is Near" concerning this phenomenon.

Who is working on the singularity?

One Group is the Singularity Institute.

What is the ISBN of The Singularity Is Near?

The ISBN of The Singularity Is Near is 9780670033843.

When was The Singularity Is Near created?

The Singularity Is Near was created in 2005.

When was Singularity - song - created?

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