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Q: What is the verb of The nail under the rug barely missed your toe?
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What is the simple past of miss?

missed (it is a normal verb: miss, missed, missed)

Is missing an adverb?

No, it is not. the word miss is a title, a noun (not a hit), or a verb (to not hit a target, or to feeling longing).

Is barely an adjective or a verb?

It is neither. It is an adverb, and will modify a verb, adjective or adverb.

How is nail a verb?

Can be a verb or a noun Verb: He nailed the sign to a tree. Boards had been nailed across the windows. The windows had been nailed shut. Noun: He hammered the nail in. A mirror hung on a nail above the desk.

Is this correct - we miss you at the wedding?

The verb should be past tense, missed. We missed you at the wedding.

Is must've a pronoun or verb?

The word must've is a verbcontraction, a shortened form of 'must have'.The contraction must've functions as a verb or auxiliary verb in a sentence.Example:We must have missed our turn.We must've missed our turn.

Is nail clipper a verb?

No its a noun (retardation is downfall)

What is the past tense of the verb to miss?

missed is the simple past tense had missed is the past perfect tense

Would it be adverb then verb or verb then adverb?

There are basically 4 positions: before the subject - Occasionally Jon missed the bus. after the auxiliary or be verb - Jon is occasionally late for the bus. Jon has occasionally missed the bus. before the main verb - Jon occasionally missed the bus. end of the clause - Jon missed the bus occasionally. It depends on the type of adverb where they go. Some such as occasionally (above) can go in all positions.

Is barely a verb?

No, it is an adverb. Like scarcely, it implies a narrow sufficiency or opportunity.Examples:We could barely see the ship at that distance.We barely made it to the train on time.There was barely enough milk left for breakfast.

Is misses a verb?

Yes, missed is a verb (miss, misses, missing, missed). Missed is also an adjective. Example uses: Verb: I'm late because I missed the bus. Adjective: That was a missed opportunity.

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