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the only things u need 2 start a vehicle is spark, gas, & compression.......the gas u can smell the spark u can check w/ a screwdriver by putting it in the sparkplug boot and touching it 2 the block while someone tries 2 turn the engine over & the compression u can hear....if your car sounds pretty much normal when it's trying 2 start then your compression is good if it sounds like it's turning over way 2 fast then u have a compression problem if all 3 r present then u r probubly looking @ a timing chain that has jumped or a timing belt that has slipped

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โˆ™ 2005-03-08 10:40:28
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Q: What is wrong with your 1981 Buick Park Avenue if it will crank but not start all after you have changed the ignition module and plugs?
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What is The Wiring position for the ignition module on a 1990 Buick park avenue?

what is the wiring position for the ignition module on a 1990 Buick Park Avenue?

Where is the ignition module on a 1999 Buick park avenue?

under the coil pack in the engine compartment. The coil pack is where the plug wires hook into it.

Why on a 1992 Buick Park Avenue the heater fan motor will not shut off with the ignition switch?

The problem is most likely a faulty blower control module.

How do you change ignition control module 1995 Buick Riviera?

Disconnect the battery. Remove the ignition coils. Remove the ignition control module that was under the coils, and replace it.

Why doesn't my buick reatta have ignition spark?

check your plug wires, then your coil packs, then your ignition module.

What causes a 1990 Buick Park Avenue not to have spark?

Probally the crank shaft position sensorid replace that first next would check ignition module under ciolpack

Where is the lamp control module 5 located and how do you get to it on 1995 LeSabre?

Where can I locate the "Lamp Control Module" on a 1994 Buick Park Avenue

How can i fix the quad driver module on a buick park avenue 1993?

the quad driver module is a component of the ECM. you must replace ECM.

How do you change an ignition module on a 1991 Buick Park Ave?

the ignition module on a buick park avenue is under the coil pack which is on the front left side of motor. its where the plugs plug into coil pack. the ignition module is the part that is underneath the coil pack. You will need a star tool to remove the 6 star screws. in order to remove the whole thing their are 3 i belive 7mm nuts under neath the whole thing these also need to be removed. you then unplug the coil pack from the ignition module in order to replace it . be sure to get the wires hooked up in sequence or it may not start.

Ignition switch located buick park avenue 1996?

On top of the lower portion on the steering column.

Where is the ignition module on 1996 Buick Century located?

The ignition module is located under the three ignition coils. The same bolts that hold the coils in place also retain the module to the mounting bracket. To find the coils, follow the ignition wires from the front of the engine to where they attach at the rear. The wires clip to the coils.

What to do to get the security light off the 1993 buick park avenue?

turn ignition on leave it on for 10 minutes then switch ignition off then you start the car

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