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Mt Vesuvius is located in the southern portion of the Apennine mountain range. This mountain chain extends throughout peninsular Italy.

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Q: What mountain range is mt Vesuvius in?
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What is the mountain range of Mt Vesuvius?

Mt.Vesuvius isn't in a mountain range because it's not technically a mountain its a volcano

What type of landform is mt Vesuvius?

Mt Vesuvius is a mountain.

Which mountain is in Italy?

mt vesuvius

Is Mt Vesuvius located on or by a mountain range?

Mount Vesuvius is located on what is known as the Campanian Volcanic Arc. Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD and caused the destruction of Pompeii.

Which type of landform is mt vesuvius?

Mount Vesuvius is a volcanic mountain.

What type of mountain is mt vesuvius?

Mount Vesuvius is a Composite (Stratovolcano)

Where is mound vesuvius?

mt. vesuvius (mt.=mountain ('mount', not mound)) is located near Naples, Italy

What mtn stand for?

Mtn., or Mt., stand for mountain. Often "mountain" is abbreviated on the Mountain Dew bottle as "Mtn.", but if you were to say the name of a mountain, such as Mount Vesuvius, it would be "Mt. Vesuvius".

Mountain range of mount vesuvius?

Though I could find no internet record of Mt. Vesuvius being surrounded by any range (and actually found references to a ring of cities and towns around the entire mountain), according to the crossword puzzle I just finished, Vesuvius is part of the Apennine Mountain range. Upon researching this range, I discovered that it is a Southern leg of the European Alps, but I can still find no record of Vesuvius actually being a part of this (or any) range.

What is the name of the mountain near Italy?

Mt. Vesuvius

What is the name of the mountain that erupted and buried pompeii?

Mt Vesuvius.

What kind of mountain is mount vesuvis?

Mt, Vesuvius is a volcano.

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