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Brands that start with the letter P:

  • P&G (Procter & Gamble)
  • Pepsi
  • Pierre Cardin
  • Pillsbury
  • Plymouth
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Pontiac
  • Porsche
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Publix
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A mouth rinse brand that starts with the letter p is, Plax.

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Q: What mouth rinse brand starts with the letter p?
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Can oil paints be dangerous?

It is dangerous if you swallow it but just getting some into your mouth is fine. I'm sure it tastes awful. rinse your mouth out with water and mouth wash and make sure to spit it all out and not swallow.

How do you set wet set clay?

If it's the same as the Crayola brand we have: soak it in cold water tor 4-10 hours, then rinse it with soapy water when removing it (apparently it gets oily while being soaked). People do not seem to be fond of it.

How can you stop the pain of your tongue piercing?

when i got mine done i took ibuprofen it helps with the pain and swelling but anytime you smoke drink or eat anything but water you must rinse your mouth with mouth wash (i only did it the first three days because your body can heal its self) and its best if you put a little water in it some have a high alcohol level and that will kill the new taste buds that are there..and sometime it wont stop some peoples body's reject it...also don't freak when your tongue changes colors because anything you drink or rinse with your tongue will become that color believe it or not many people don't think about that i hope that helps.

If remove a lip piercing before it heals what should you do to prevent infection?

So you removed your lip piercing before it healed....Well, first off why did you remove it?? That has a big basis on what the answer would be....If you removed it because you didn't like it, or school said to remove it, and not because it was problematic with the healing, then you shouldn't have to do anything...In about two weeks it should be healed and the hole closed....If you took it out because it was infected then you might want to use a sea salt soak to rinse your mouth and to soak the outside....Mix 1/4 teaspoon of sea salts, all natural salt from the sea, with about 8 oz. of clean [preferably distilled] water and use some cotton balls to soak the area with....And be sure to rinse your mouth out with it. Oh yeah, first heat the water like you would your bath water, hot enough to open your pores but not so hot as to scald you....TatuBaron

How do you ensure your tongue piercing heals properly?

Take care of your mouth. Make sure you are keeping up with brushing and flossing your teeth after every meal. If you are a smoker, try to cut back (or even better, eliminate) your smoking habits while the piercing is healing. After every smoke, you should clean out your mouth. The best way to clean your tongue piercing is NOT with Listerine, but with a hot saline (AKA salt water) solution. Rinse your mouth with the saline solution at least twice a day (maybe even more, if you eat frequently) throughout the healing period. Only speak when necessary, and try to refrain from playing with the ring too much. Both speaking and ring-playing can cause irritation in the piercing and will slow down the healing process. Do not slack off with your hygiene! Drink lots of water as well.

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Which mouthwash kills the oral bacteria?

Listerine mouthwash is the best mouthwash which kills Oral Bacteria and is good for oral hygiene. Listerine Mouthwash protects your mouth for 24 hours from bacteria. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), some therapeutic mouthrinses (mouthwash) contain agents that either fight bad breath bacteria or that chemically inactivate odor causing compounds. Any of these brands are effective for fighting bad breath bacteria: Listerine Antiseptic Swan Blue Mint Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Best Choice Amber Antiseptic Rinse Bi-Mart Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Care One Antiseptic Mouth Rinse CVS Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Dentiguard Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Equaline Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Equate Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Fred's Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Good Sense Mouth Rinse Harmon Face Values Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Harris Teeter Antiseptic Mouth Rinse H-E-B Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Hy-Vee Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Krikland Signature Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Kroger Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Live Better Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Market Basket Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Meijer Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Our Family Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Prenier Value Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Publix Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Rite Aid Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Safeway Antiseptic Mouth Rinse ShopRite Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Sunmark Antiseptic Mouth Rinse TopCare Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Up & Up Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Walgreens Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Wegmans Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Western Family Antiseptic Mouth Rinse

The different kinds of mouthwash?

` Listerine is the only one that kills bacteria the best! if you try this and experiment on this you can see if it realy is the best Herbal Dentist is the best bacteria killing mouthwash on the market today! Check it out on Ebay, or at

Is it dangerous to rinse your mouth with soapy water?

It is not dangerous, but I can think of many better ways to rinse the mouth.

Can you eat nachos with a brand new lip piercing?

Yes you can. But be sure to rinse your mouth out after because the left ove food could either irritate it or cause a nasty infection I ate doritos after my lip was pierced and the dude that did it said to rinse with salt water solution or alcohol free mouth was

What action should you take if shampoo gets into dog mouth?

Rinse the mouth out with clean water.

Can salt mouth rinse increase salt intake?

Yes, it is possible.

Whats really going to happen if you brush or rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide?

A slight tingling sensation in your mouth.

If you mix Biotene rinse with a fluoride rinse like Act will they both still work for their intended purposes?

No need to Mix. I use the new ACT Total Care Dry Mouth rinse. It works on dry mouth and has fluoride. Plus it tastes better than Biotene.

What 5-letter word second letter is 'i' and fourth letter is 's'?


What is a five letter word for rinse?


How can you get rid of the white bumps on your tongue?

You can rinse your mouth with warm salt water or listerine (other mouth was doesn't work as well).

Will rubbing alcohol cause mouth problems if used to rinse mouth?

Yes. Isopropanol is combustable and not to be injested, and can cause serious tissue damage. If you want to get rid of bacteria, rinse instead with peroxide, diluted 1:1 with water.