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Athens had a military

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Q: What were the strengths of Athens over Sparta?
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What enemies did Athens and Sparta have?

Athens was enemies with Sparta and Sparta was enemies with Athens

What happened to Athens after their loss to Sparta?

What happened was that Sparta ruled over Athens by 50 years juntil they got independenced...

When did Sparta take over Athens?

877 B.C.

The Peloponnesian was was won by?

Sparta prevailed over Athens .

Why Athens should not have gone to war against Sparta?

Athens was overconfident and aggressive. Sparta and its allies drew a line over a dispute over Megara, and tried to get Athens to soften its position. Athens refused and war ensued.

How did Athens and Sparta shape their war statices?

Sparta used a phalanx and Athens transported lots of troops over sea to Peloponnesus

Why did Athens and Sparta fight over colonies?

Athens and Sparta did not fight over colonies. They did not have colonies to fight over. The Greek world comprised several hundred independent city-states.

Where Sparta and Athens enemys?

Yes, because Sparta and Athens were once allies but then Athens turned on Sparta and Sparta responded with war.

How many times did Athens beat Sparta in their battles?

Athens and Sparta did not fight each other in isolation. They fought as allies and as adversaries in various conflicts over a couple of hundred years. So Athens did not defeat Sparta or Sparta defeat Athens. They were involved in wider conflicts in the battles.

What city is farther north Athens or Sparta?


What was the out come of the peloponnesian war?

Sparta prevailed over Athens .

How are Sparta and Athens diffrent?

Athens was a democracy, Sparta was an oligarchy.

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