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Check the switch on the brake pedal

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Q: What would cause you to have tail lights but no brake lights?
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What is the name of the small rubber piece that is located under the brake pedal that turns off the tail lights?

The part of the car that turns on the brake lights when you apply pressure to the brake pedal is called the brake switch. Releasing pressure from the pedal causes the brake switch to break its electrical contact, turning off the lights.

How many amps do tail lights draw?

That would depend on the total watt rating of all the bulbs in the tail lights.

How do find out what is causing the tail lights to go out?

There are a few things that can cause tail lights to go out such as: 1. A corroded light socket 2. Blown bulb(s) 3. Tail light relay (some cars) 4. Tail light fuse 5. Faulty or touching wires

What causes the tail lights to go out when the lights are on and brake pedal is pressed?

LAST TIME I RAN IN 2 THAT - SOMEBODY HAD INSTALLED A TAILLIGHT BULB IN BACKWARDS-was forced in 180? out.BUT there could also B a bare wire @ the brake light switch or back 2 the rear bulbs.

What would be the problem if the back hatch brake light works on top but the two corner brake lights don't . it's not the fuse or bulb?

Sounds like bulbs need to be replaced--they most likely are double filamented-larger filament for tail lights and smaller for brake lights be a broken wire or a bad ground Depends on the car....most use 2 different circuits the top light going straight to the brake pedale switch and the tailights going through a control module THEN to the tailights. Check EVERY fuse you have in the car

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What would cause brake lights not to work but all other tail lights are working on a Ford F-350?

Check your brake light switch at hte brake pedal.

What is the cause for tail lights.parking lights and dash lights not to work when you have headlights and brake lights?

Most likely a fuse.

Why wont the tail lights go off on your 95 Nissan truck?

Those tail lights could be the brake lights you are seeing and that would be a faulty brake light switch or the brake light switch is out of adjustment.

What if your brake lights work but not the tail lights?

Look for a fuse labeled TAIL LIGHTS. There are 2 separate circuits, one for brake turn and flasher and the other is for tail lights.

What would cause brake and tail lights to remain on after the engine is turned off?

There's a switch that the brake pedal engages when pressed that makes the brake lights go on. this switch may be stuck.Or the peddle staying on switch

What is the problem when head lights are on and the tail lights dont work but the brake lights work?

If the headlights are on and brake lights work but not the tail lights, it is possible there is a short in the electrical wires. Another cause for this could be that the tail light bulbs are burned out. Most vehicles have more than one bulb inside the tail lights to control different lights at the same time.

What would cause my dashboard lights and tail lights to go out?

a fuse

Why would the brake lights not come on if the tail lights do on a 1992 Ford Mustang?

check the fuses

What fuse would running lights on trailer for a 2003 ford F250?

Tail lights and brake lights fuse.

What would cause brake lights not to work but all other tail lights are working on a 2005 Chevy Equinox?

Blown fuse, both lights are burnt out, There is a wiring or ground issue.

What would cause the tail and brake lights not to work on a 1991 Honda Accord even after replacing the bulbs?

Next step would be to check the fuses

Have brake lights and directional lights but no tail lights?

It could be a blown fuse. Tail lights and brake/turn are on separate fuses. Apparently there is not a ground problem since brake/turn works OK.

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