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At the radiator or overflow tank. Do not add water, add coolant.

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2011-03-29 14:25:40
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Q: Where do you put and fill water in BMW car engine?
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How does a BMW engine work?

Just like any other car's engine.

Where is the radiator in BMW 318i?

at the front of the car in the engine bay

Do you fill the radiator when the car is running?

first turn on the car and add the water to the radiator while the engine is running-- this allows the water pump to work and force the water to all the thirsty parts this will help the radiator and the crankcase fill much faster

What BMW car has the v12 engine?

well i study the 69 dodge charger not the BMW go to for the answer

How do check transmission fluid on 1998 BMW 323i?

you must have the car on a lift or jack stands and level as you will need to be under the car with the engine running. Take off the transmission bolt that is on the side of the pan.The fluid should be to the at the bottom of the hole. Fill with the proper fluid till it starts to flow out. The engine must be running when you check or fill as the fluid will come out after taking the bolt off without the engine on. You will have to fill through the same hole.

How to fill radiator level?

The radiator of the car must be filled with water upto the brim, so that the engine will remain cool.

Can you wash your car engine with water?

Yes, you can wash your car engine with water.

What type of engine is inside a BMW M3 GTR?

According to Car and Driver, BMW replaced the M3 GTR's old six-cylinder engine with a V-8 engine in 2001. BMW manufactures both a racing and street version of the car. The street version has been modified to meet emission and noise standards.

What is the largest engine a BMW 3 Series car has available?

The 2011 328i sedan is the BMW which has the largest engine, having a displacement of 3.0 liters. The 2013 335i also comes with the large 3.0 liter engine.

Where is the transmission dipstick in 97 BMW 528i?

There may not be one. I think that car uses a GM transmission with a lifetime fill.

How do you reset the service engine soon light on BMW x5 3.0 engine?

Take the car to the nearest dealership and have it serviced. You can't turn it off. There is a problem with the car.

Is BMW 325i a v4 car?

If you asking about the engine type, the 325i is a straight-six not a V4.

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