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The idle air control valve will be located by the throttle body.

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Q: Where is the Idle Speed Control Valve on a 1997 VW Golf 1400cc?
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Where is the heater control valve for a 1997 Ford Expedition located?

where is the heater control valve for a 1997 ford expedition

Where is the heater control valve located on a 1997 Chrysler LHS?

It does not have a heater control valve.It does not have a heater control valve.

Where is the idle speed control valve located on a 1997 Mercedes e320?

That fuel injection system does not have an idle valve. Everything is controlled electronically through the throttle actuator.

Where is the heater control valve in a 1997 mark 8?

There is no control valve temp is set by a blend door.

Does a 1997 venture have a heater valve?

Could you please tell me if a 1997 Chevy Venture has a heater control valve and if possible the location of the valve.

If a 1997 ford mustang shows a code P1443 how do you fix this?

Code P1443 is idle air Control (IAC) valve Speed fault

Pictures of changing the idle air control auxiliary air control valve on a 1997 Nissan altima?

tell me about ideal air control valve

What is code P1443 on 1997 Ford Escort?

Evaporative Emission Control System control valve malfunction. You need a new evap control surge solenoid valve.

Whewre is 1997 escort idle speed solenoid?

the iac valve (idle air control) is located on top of the intake manifold ,right before the throttle body.

Where is the location of heater control valve on 1998 ford windstar?

The "Related Question" below is an extensive discussion on the 1999-2003 temperature control valve / heater control valve. It is likely the information will be similar to the 1997 / 1998 Windstar

Where is the purge control valve on a 1997 Nissan maxima?

The purge control valve is located behind the rear wheel that is on the same side as the gas tank. By simplysliding under the bumper one can view the canister and the valve.

What does the code 0444 mean on a 1997 sable?

P0444, Evaporative Emission Control System Purge Control Valve Circuit Open.

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