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There are no icebergs in Australia.

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Q: Who monitors icebergs in Australia?
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Who monitors icebergs?

Well I am a scienctist who specializes in water temperatures in the Alaskan Peninsualla and I observe icebergs. By monitoring the direction in which they are heading and the amount of wind which will force the iceberg to hit land.

What continent has no icebergs?

Australia is the only continent that does not have icebergs.

If you sailed south from Australia you might hit what floating hazard?

Icebergs. Australia lies north of the Antarctic, so if one sailed directly south far enough, one might hit floating icebergs.

Does Australia have icebergs?

It is very unlikley for Australia to get ice bergs but down a the bottom of tasmaia it might tend to happen depending on the drift and coolness

What are the different types of icebergs in Antarctica?

There are mainly four types of icebergs in Antarctica: tabular icebergs, blocky icebergs, wedge icebergs, and drydock icebergs. Tabular icebergs are flat-topped and wide, while blocky icebergs have steep sides and are taller. Wedge icebergs have a sharp edge and are triangular in shape, and drydock icebergs have a hollowed-out section or notch.

What colors are icebergs?

Icebergs themselves are colorless. The appearance of color in icebergs is the result of reflected and refracted light.

Was the captain notify about the icebergs?

of course he was notified by icebergs

Why are icebergs called icebergs?

because it is a ice and it is big

Do icebergs have salt in them?

The salt content in icebergs is near zero.

Where do north icebergs come from?

From giant icebergs around Greenland.

What name is given to a number of icebergs?

A group of icebergs is referred to as an armada. When naming icebergs, they are given a number and a letter. They are then tracked.

Are there any months when there are no icebergs?

Depends on the latitude. Sufficiently close to the poles there are ALWAYS icebergs. And sufficiently close to the equator there are NEVER icebergs. After that, icebergs or not is always a probability influenced by latitude and season.