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The checkered pattern helps to hide stains from bits of dropped food or splatters of sauce that fall or splash during the cooking / plating process. Also, its traditional attire.

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Q: Why do chefs wear checkered pants?
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Why do chefs wear checked pants?

to match their checkered aprons

What is chef's pants?

Chefs can wear a variety of pant types. However, generally, chefs wear baggy pants. Baggy pants increase the comfort level for chefs as often they are moving a lot in hot and humid environments.

Why is it recommended that chefs wear chef trousers?

Chefs are recommended to wear trousers in order to protect the legs from falling knives and splashed liquid. Although burns are rare pants will help protect your legs.

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What do sushi workers wear?

They typically wear food preparation clothing, they are chefs. Most places I go wear white chef's coats and something on their heads. Most wear dark pants and comfortable shoes.

Why do cooks wear Blue checkered trousers?

They wear jumpers

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What types of restaurants require chefs hats?

Many restaurants require their chefs to wear chefs hats. Most are higher classed or fine dining establishments. Casual restaurants such as Earl's and Moxie's require their chefs to wear hats as well.

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