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Something is out of alignment. TAke it to a garage and find out what it is.

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2007-09-04 20:51:42
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Q: Why do serpentine belts tend to squeak?
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What happens when coolant gets on the serpentine belt?

It will squeak

Which types of belts are used in cars?

There are "v" belts, "serpentine" belts and "timing" belts.

How do you determine what is squeeking in the serpentine belt path on a ford mustang?

Almost impossible without a lot of work. Just get rid of the squeak by spraying all belts and pullies with belt dressing.

Why do my belts squeak after it rains?

Probably due to slipping when they get wet. Your belts might need to be changed.

Do cars have more than one type of belts?

Yes, there are "v" belts, "serpentine" belts and "timing" belts.

Why does a serpentine belt squeak?

because it's slipping. tension or replace.

Serpentine or v belt for 99 dodge stratus?

It has 2 serpentine belts.

Do Chrysler Sebrings have serpentine belts?


How do you change serpentine belt 1996 Mitsubishi galant?

what engine size? 2.0 soc does not have serpentine belts,has 2 serpentine timng belts. need engine size to help more.

What makes the pulleys squeak on 1996 Pontiac sunfire?

This is almost always caused by worn drive belts. Replace all the belts at the same time. If it has a serpentine belt, then replace it. Be sure and check the idler pulley to make sure the squeak is not coming from the idler pulley itself. Another possibility is a bad alternator, water pump, or power steering pump. Check them all.

How do you change the serpentine belt eclipse 4g63t?

the 4g63t does not have a serpentine belt, it has drive beltS

Why does your serpentine belt squeak when you turn your 1998 Dodge avenger on?

The Serpentine Belt needs to be tightend with the tensioner pulley (Idler Pulley)

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