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The South is Republican because of various racial issues.

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What did grandfather clauses mean to African Americans who wanted to vote

How did older established communities of free African Americans in Southern cities respond to the new freed African Americans who moved there

Why were southerners successful in using literacy test to keep African American from voting

Opportunities for African Americans in the Far West included jobs in

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Q: Why is the South so Republican?
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Why did repulican governments have trouble in the south after civil war?

Lincoln was Republican so anti-Republican resentment was wide-spread throughout the post-war South.

When was Independent Republican Party of South Carolina created?

Independent Republican Party of South Carolina was created in 1872.

What does Lincoln believe the South fears most about his Republican administration?

What does Lincoln believe the South fears most about his Republican administration?

Why did the Republican party become so strong in the south after the civil war?

Because they were the victors, they wrote the rules.

Is the governor for South Carolina democrat or republican?

The current governor of South Carolina is Mark Sanford. A Republican.

Did South Dakota vote republican or democrat in the 2008 presidential election?

The Republican candidate won South Dakota's 3 votes in 2008.

Is South Dakota a republican state?


Who supported the Republican governments of the south?


During Reconstruction what were withdrawn from South Carolina and Louisiana in a deal?

armies where withdrawn from Louisiana and South Carolina so the republican Hayes could win the election

Why have the white population in the southern states become more and more republican?

A lot of the republican party in the south has many different beliefs from ethnic people in the south.

What were southerners who supported republican called in the south?


What are the release dates for South Carolina Republican Debate - 2011 TV?

South Carolina Republican Debate - 2011 TV was released on: USA: 12 November 2011

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