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this is normal, when the car is cold or off. the oil sinks down in to the oil pan.,.

If this is a GM engine you may be using an aftermarket oil filter that allows oil to drain back this is not a good thing and can cause engine damage. GM has a TSB on this very problem.

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2010-09-24 22:25:52
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Q: Why would the engine have no oil pressure when it is cold?
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2001 Ranger XLT the oil pressure gauge sticks at zero when it is cold. When the engine warms up the gauge works fine How do you fix this?

I would start by replacing the oil pressure sending unit. If that does not correct the problem, I would look closely at the gage itself. If you hear any valve train noise at cold startup, you need to have an oil pressure test run to make sure you actually have good oil pressure when starting the engine cold. Possibly the gage is correct and you do have 0 oil pressure when cold.

Why does oil pressure gauge fluctuate?

From the moment you turn on the vehicle, it changes in two ways: 1. When it is cold and the oil is cold and thicker, it needs more pressure to pump the oil through the engine. You will notice a change in the oil pressure at idle when it is cold and at idle after the engine has had a chance to warm up. 2. The higher RPM the engine has to operate in (such as going through speeds 1, 2, 3, OD, or flooring it to pass someone), the more lubrication the engine will need and thus the higher the oil pressure. As soon as the engine slows down, so the oil pressure lowers.

What makes oil pressure gauge read high?

Cold oil when you first start the engine will have lots of pressure then it will settle down as the oil warms and thins out.

Oil pressure gauge is wiggle when engine running hot. Could be oil pressure switch defective or the oil pump?

the engine gets hot and while your engine is running your oil is going through your engine lubbing it. by the time the engine gets hot the oil is spread throughout the engine. if you have too much oil in the gauge will act weird because its hooked up to your oil to read its pressure. if it was youroil pump or switch it would do this when the engine was cold to. make sure the oil is at the correct level b4 spending money on a switch or pummp

What would cause a Chevy 350 engine to have oil pressure when cold and lose oil pressure when at running temp?

When the engine is cold, all the parts are tight. Meaning, the bearings, rods, and all have less gap. The oil is also thick. As the engine warms, the oil also warms making it lighter or more fluid. If the main bearings have too much gap, then with the warmer oil the oil flow will increase which in turn will lower the oil pressure. It would not be abnormal to start out with 50 or 60 lbs then have it reduced to 20 lbs at idle. Although the pressure would increase to around the 50 lbs. mark as the engine rev's up. If the oil pressure goes down to say 10 lbs, even at high rev's, then have the pressure checked with a mechanical gauge to confirm the reading and if so, well, time for a rebuild. Low oil pressure will not reach the outer parts of the engine and will eventually cause a lot of damage.

Where is the oil pressure switch on the Saab 95?

The oil pressure sender or pressure sensor is located on the side of the engine next to the fire wall.if you are facing that side it would be to the upper left of the starter.i believe you want to use a 23 mm semi deep socket and do it when engine is cold!

Why is an oil pressure gauge spiking then back down to normal on a 3800 engine?

Oil pressure gauges are notoriously inacurate. Pressure should be high when the engine is cold, or the accelerator is pressed hard. It's also possible the sensor is damaged.

What would cause low oil pressure on 351 ford?

low oil pressure is caused by, either low oil in engine or a bad oil pump

Can a 2000 jeep 4 liter 6 cylinder camshaft sensor-oil pump drive fail and not drive the oil pump with the engine at temp but have oil pressure when engine is cold?

No, if the oil pump drive is working cold it will work hot. Low oil press when warm is due to internal engine wear.

What does it mean check engine gage light indicates oil pressure is low when starting 2001 ford explorer sport in cold weather?

It means that the oil pressure switch is showing low pressure.

Will a bad harmonic balancer cause fluctuating oil pressure?

No. The harmonic balancer does exactly what it says. It is to keep the engine from viberating. You need to install a manual oil pressure gauge and run the engine cold and hot to determine if you really have a pressure problem. Most likely you have a bad oil pressure sending unit.

What would cause high oil pressure in a harley Davidson evolution motor?

I thought I had high oil pressure, When I would rev the engine the oil pressure would max out on the oil pressure guage. Luckily it just turned out to be loose connections to the oil pressure sensor. I tightened the terminals and the problem went away.

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