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I am not a mechanic but I have owned a lot of problematic cars. I have come to find out that a car can pull to the right while braking due to various reasons. Such as, a caliper that gets stuck and does not work properly, uneven brake wear--get brakes pads, rotors, calipers checked-- an outter tire rod may be worn--unbalanced or uneven wear on tires--or it could be your alignment.All or one of these can contribute to this. Take it to a mechanic and get it checked to be definitely sure.

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Q: Why would the steering wheel go the right when you apply the brakes?
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Why does my steering wheel shimmy when i apply my brakes?

your car is probably trashy

If your car starts to hydroplane you need to?

Remove you foot from the accelerator, hang on to the steering wheel, do not apply the brakes, do not turn the steering wheel, and pray. If your car is in a "hydroplane", you should: -Ease off the accelerator

If brakes fail will your steering wheel stop working?


Shaky steering wheel when braking?

bad front brakes.

What causes the steering wheel to shake real bad when you apply your brakes?

Worn bushes or warped brake rotor. Replace faulty item.

If you are in a rear-wheel skid you must release your brakes and turn your steering wheel?

If you are in a rear-wheel skid, you must release your brakes and turn your steering wheel __________A. into the direction of the skid.B. opposite direction of the skid.C. straight.

What are the accelerators found in a car?

Gas pedal, brakes, steering wheel

How does one replace a car steering wheel cover?

You can replace a steering wheel cover by first removing the old steering wheel. Once complete, wash and dry clean the steering wheel and then apply your new steering wheel cover.

How do you make a front wheel drive car go faster?

with your right foot apply pressure to the rightmost pedal under the steering wheel

what are 3 different subsystems in a bicycle?

The subsystems are: The Wheel. Drivers & Gears. Frames & Materials. Brakes & Steering. Aerodynamics. Human Power. hope this helps

What do brake rotors do?

They stop your car. They are round discs that are kind of attached to the wheels and the pads grip the rotors when you apply the brakes to slow down the car. When a rotor becomes warped due to excessive heat, the steering wheel will shake when you apply the brakes.

Why does car shake when applying brakes?

If the steering wheel shakes, but to car doesn't, when applying brakes - your front rotors are warped (if you have disc brakes)...if you have drum brakes, the drum could be cracked or the pads worn unevenly If the whole car shakes, and the steering wheel only seems to react to that, when applying brakes - see above statement, but apply to the rear end. If the whole car shakes, including the steering wheel - all four corners are bad, and you're an accident looking for a place to happen soon. In any case, go to your nearest service center ASAP.

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