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No, but a bad wheel bearing could.

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Q: Will a cracked wheel well cause your car to make a humming sound?
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What would cause a deep humming sound when the car goes past 45 mph?

Possibly worn wheel bearings can create a humming or groaning sound.

What would cause a loud humming sound from the front end of a vehicle when accelerating?

bad wheel bearings

What is the cause of a humming sound in a 2001 Kia Sportgage?

It's most likely to be a wheel bearing if you jack ur car up an spin each wheel if you hear a rough sound it's a wheel bearing

What causes the humming sound in your Chevy 2005 Trailblazer when I accelerate?

There could be a few things that can cause this humming sound. It could be the wheel bearings rubbing, it could be the gears rubbing, it could even be coming from the engine pistons.?æ

What is the cause of humming noise while driving?

Bad wheel bearing

What would cause a 2006 G6 to have a humming sound from the front end?

One would really have to hear it in order to determine for certain. Are there any particular conditions existing in which the humming occurs? Wheel bearings are a possibility.

How do you know which wheel bearing is bad?

With each wheel raised, Use both hands, one at 12 o clock position, another at 6 o clock position of the tire/wheel. Shake it, any movements? Should be none. Another way is, when driving, there is a "humming sound", it will get worse if you turn it to the right, or worse if you turn it to the left. The humming sound will go louder. If humming sound is stronger when turning wheel to left, RIGHT BEARING IS BAD. If humming sound is stronger when turning wheel to right LEFT BEARING IS BAD.

1998 dodge stratus make humming sound on drivers side?

wheel bearing

Will a cracked wheel cause air leaks in a tire?

yes it will

What would cause the humming and grinding in my left front wheel on my 2002 dodge Dakota 4x4?

Wheel bearing?

WHY DOES A 2000 Pontiac grand am make a humming sound FROM THE WHEEL?

It is most likely your front tires and then that woul mean your wheel bearing.

What would cause a popping sound at low speeds that stops when you touch the break after replacing a cracked front right rotor?

Check the bearing and wheel lugs.

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