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There are a couple of reasons why a 2001 Ford Escape will not move while it is in drive. The transmission may be out of the vehicle or the vehicle needs Transmission Fluid.

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2014-09-17 21:03:14
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Q: Your 2001 ford escape wont move when in drive?
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Why does a 2001 ford expedition move in reverse but not in drive?

There clearly is a problem with your transmission

2001 ford expedition will start wont go into drive?

Are you saying that the gear shifter will not move from park to drive or that when you shift to drive the vehicle will not move? We need more info.

Why would a 1994 Ford Probe drive fine in reverse but barely move in drive?

One possibility is brake(s) locking up.

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When you push the brakes there is a clicking in the steering column on a 2001 ford escape?

The 2001 Escape, with the gear shifter on the steering column, has an interlock solenoid located by the shifter assembly. The purpose is to lock the shifter in PARK until you depress the brake pedal. This is to prevent "sudden acceleration" where you engage the transmission with the brake off and the car shoots forward or backward. When you press the brake pedal a switch is closed that turns on the break lights and activates the solenoid, generating a magnetic field that withdraws the interlock pin, allowing you to move the shifter out of Park and into Drive or Reverse. The solenoid can make a clicking noise. We never noticed the clicking sound in our 2001 Escape until this mechanism had begun to fail, locking the shifter in Park regardless of the position of the brake pedal.

Where is the oil pressure sending unit on a 2001 ford escape?

Left side of the engine (which is facing the front since the engine sits sideways), toward the bottom behind the AC compressor. You need to remove the serpentine belt, and move the AC compressor. It's a pretty easy task.

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