What colors were available?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: What colors were available?
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How many colors do sharpies come in?

The Fine Point is available in 39 colors and metallic silver, the Ultra Fine is available in 39 colors, the Twin Tip is available in 20 colors, the Sharpie Grip and Chisel Tip are available in 8 colors, the Extra Fine and Super Sharpie are available in 4 colors, the Super Sharpie Twin Tip and the Professional are available in 3 colors and the Industrial is available in 1 color.

What colors are available for the Sony VAIO notebook PC?

It is available in vivid colors and crystal-inspired colors

What are the available colors of custom wristbands?

The available colors of custom wristbands are actually all colors because they are custom. They have about 13 colors that you can get with different designs.

How many colors are curtain rods available in?

Curtain rods are available in all the colors of the spectrum this is well over 200 colors.

When was Available in All Colors created?

Available in All Colors was created on 1998-04-28.

In what colors is the iPod Nano 8gb available?

The iPod Nano 8gb is available in an assortment of colors. Some of the available colors for this particular product include purple, black, silver, and blue.

What colors are Ecco shoes available in?

Ecco shoes are available in a wide variety of colors. The colors available depend on the style. Some of the colors are rust, cocoa brown, bison, dark clay, black, coffee, moonless, and licorice.

What colors are available for pottery barn drapes?

The colors that are available for pottery barn drapes are brown, green, tan. They are usually earthly colors and not so much bright colors like pink or yellow.

Does PVC fence come in colors?

Yes some colors are available.

Are clip on sunglasses available in different darkening levels and colors?

Yes clip on sunglasses are available in several colors and shades.

In what colors is the Onitsuka Tiger available?

The Onitsuka Tiger is available in many different colors. Colors the Onitsuka Tiger are available in are grey, navy blue, red, black, bone, pink, purple, yellow, while, muli colors, and can choose them from

How many crayon colors in 1998?

120 crayon colors where available in 1998