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Q: What did the Medici's do to encourage the Renaissance?
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Patrons like the Medicis also contributed greatly to advancements in art during the Renaissance period What did they do to encourage Renaissance art?

They commissioned works by the artists.

What powerful family was associated with the beginning of the renaissance?

the medicis

What achievement did the renaissance encourage?

Individual achievement

Did the renaissance encourage human agency?


When was Medicis Pharmaceutical created?

Medicis Pharmaceutical was created in 1988.

Who were the Medicis and why were they important?

They were a very powerful family of aristocrats and popes. They were patrons of amazing Renaissance artists, and they also ruled Florence for longer than 100 years.

How did european monarchs help encourage the renaissance?


Who were the medicis and what was their affect on the Renaissance?

The Medicis were members of a rich Florentine family who were patrons of the Arts. In those days, an artist made his living by getting commissions from the rich. These were basically orders for art work. The Medicis commissioned art for their personal chapel, for churches they frequented, for the city of Florence which they virtually controlled for some time, etc. Since some of the greatest artists of the Renaissance lived and worked in Florence, much of the art they commissioned are masterpieces. Michelangelo and Raphael are among those who benefitted from the Medicis love of Art.They also got themselves embroiled in city politics and even had a member or two of the family killed by political rivals. A Medici became Pope and another married the King of France.

How did the Medici family contributed to secularism during the renaissance?

The Medicis used their great wealth to support artists who created works that focused less on God and more on the achievements of individual people.

How did northern monarchs encourage the renaissance?

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What did northern European rulers do to encourage the spread of renaissance?

they mingled with northern traditions

Write a short essay outlining how the patronage of wealthy people like the Medicis contributed to the development of art during the Renaissance?

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