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renaissance was a period in time in southern Europe. money at that time was called by many names in different parts of the world

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Q: What was money called during the Renaissance?
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What was renaissance money?

The money of the renaissance was called shillings.

Who was king during the Carolingian Renaissance?

The king during the Carolingian Renaissance was called Charlemagne.

How was donatello paid?

He was paid in money (florins - the money used in Florence during the Renaissance)

How did writing change during the Renaissance?

Writing changed during the renaissance by the people developing their own writing called venacular

How did trade contribute to art during Renaissance?

Trade was a huge part of the renaissance because it was the only way they made money and without money nothing could be done.

How were money and art related during the renaissance?

Artists depended on patrons and patrons needed money to sustain.

How did patrons help artists during the renaissance?

They gave them the money for supplies to paint

Were the 'Mona Lisa' and the 'Birth of Venus' painted during the Renaissance?

They were indeed. Venus's time is called Early Renaissance, Lisa's is High Renaissance.

What was a man who was well read and could recite poetry and knew the classics and was a good soldier called during the Renaissance?

A man during the Renaissance who was well read, could recite poetry, knew the classics and was a good soldier would likely be called a Renaissance man or a polymath.

Why was the renaissance period called the renaissance period?

Renaissance is French for 'rebirth.' it is called the renaissance because it was the rebirth of the arts. Some things that were changed during this period of time include: music, sculpture, painting, architecture, printing and drama

Why is Jan van eyck called a renaissance man?

He was a Dutch painter during the Renaissance. He was known for his use of reflecting images.

What was the name of the art and literary movement that took place among African American during the 1920s and 1930s?

Harlem Renaissance