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Q: What way did renaissance reflected the new ideas of humanism by painting?
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What was one way that the Renaissance artists reflected the new ideas of humanism was by painting?

Renaissance artists came away from painting austere religious icons and began to paint the people of the day. There was more of an emphasis on man than upon religion.

What is the motto for humanism in the renaissance era?

The motto for humanism in the Renaissance era was "Ad Fontes," which means "to the sources." This motto reflected the humanist belief in the importance of studying classical texts and ideas to improve understanding of the world and human nature.

How did Renaissance ideals were reflected in the arts?

Artists, architects, and writers used real- istic techniques. Their work reflected the Renaissance ideals of humanism, an appreciation of the classics, and curiosity. new ideas.

What were ideas for the time of renaissance?

humanism-which is the idea to life better

General ideas associated with the Renaissance?

Art, Literature, Humanism, Music, Architecture,

How was Renaissance art affected by humanism?

Humanism affected Renaissance art by the way humanism was. Humanists believed in individuality and human societies therefore using ancient Romans and Greeks models but expressed them with humanist ideas.

How were renaissance ideas reflected in the northern humanists writings?

They reflected thee answer's in writing

What new materials and techniques did artists discover during the Renaissance?

Art focused on Religious ideas until Humanism came along and the artists started painting things about how they viewed the world Edit: In the early Renaissance, they focused on what the person said

Why was the Renaissance successful?

It was successful because of the great amount of funding by the nobles and governments. If it where not for the ideas of humanism, then their might not have bin a renaissance.

How did renaissance reflect the ideas of humanism?

Everyone started being dumb and they died XD

Which of the following renaissance ideas best explains the similarties in artistic style and subject matter between the two sculptures?

Humanism. -Apex

Renaissance humanism would have been most comfortable with the values and ideas of what world belief system?