Where did paint come from?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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paint originally came from Indians crushing different Barrie's and plants and put them together to make colors.

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Q: Where did paint come from?
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Does paint come off glass?

Does paint come off glass?

Can You Paint A Nerf Gun?

YES!!! u can paint Nerf guns but you have to get the right paint and it also has to be plastic paint. if you do paint a Nerf gun it could come come off onto your hands, it all depends on the quality of the paint

Why does paint come off when you clean the wall?

Water based paint will do that

Can you paint a bowling ball and it will stay?

no becausee the paint will come off

What year did paint come out?

Paint has been around since the day of the caveman.

Does the paint come of the gun?


Where did paint horse come from?


Do paint horses come from South America?

paint horses originated in north America

Does oil based paint come in a spray can?

Yes, all types of paint come in spray cans.

What stain will not come out of carpets?

nail paint

If you use Tempera paint to paint wooden handles will the paint come off on your hand when holding it?

If it has not set (which usually takes a day), it could.

Is there any paint you can use on clothes that WILL come out?

Water based paints, water colour paint even.