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I was San Franciscan artist Fabio Sanzione

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Q: Who painted the frescos at Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga?
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What are the Arena Chapel frescoes painted on?

Frescos are painted directly onto wet plaster.

What are large pictures on walls of Roman temples and halls?

These are called frescos. However they could also be murals if they were painted directly on the wall. If they were painted directly into the wet plaster they were frescos.

What are large pictures painted directly on walls?

Frescos are painted directly onto damp plaster on walls.

Who painted the first frescos in the Renaissance Age?

Michelangelo Al Fresco

Pictures painted on the wall?

They are called murals, (or in Italian Renaissance art, they are called frescos).

What is it called when a painting is done directly on a wall?

Frescos are painted directly onto wet plaster on a wall.

What is the name for works of art such as last judgment and creation of Adam?

These are both frescos painted by Michaelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel located in Vatican City, The Vatican.

Who commissioned Giotto's Flight Into Egypt?

Enrico Scovengi commission the flight into egypt . Giotto also painted all the other frescos in the chapel and helped design it as well

Do people still paint frescoes?

Yes, people still paint frescos. Painting on wet plaster makes a mural last longer because the colors are part of the wall, but it is very time consuming. Most fresco painted today are done by historians trying to replicate the techniques used in ancient frescos.

What is the name of the painting done on a plaster wall?

Paintings on plaster is called 'Fresco'. It is painted when the plaster is still wet. Leonardo da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' would be one of the most famous frescos.

What is the meaning of the Sistine Chapel?

The frescoes of Michelangelo. They cover the ceiling and walls. The height of the ceiling from floor to roof is 70 feet with the center showing man touching the hand of God. The frescos were cleaned a few years ago and today the colors are bright and clean. The figures look like they are moving. The Sistine is truly a wonderful experience.

Why are wall drawings vulnerable?

I suppose you do not mean drawings but paintings, called murals. They can be frescos, which means that the paint is united with the wall surface. Or they can be painted 'al secco', when the paint is on the surface of the wall. The latter kind is more vulnerable than the fresco. In both cases the wall surface deteriorates over time, which is a problem.