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If its fuel has an oxidizer (oxygen-producing solid fuel) in it like solid rocket fuel, then yes.

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First American to orbit the Earth

One of its goals was scientific exploration of the moon

Lower than normal high tide

The reaction of oxygen and glucose produces

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Q: Do signal flare's work in outer space?
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How does outer space travel work?

outer space travel work by gravity and friction plus magentism

Do cell phones work in Outer Space?

No because there are no radio towers out in outer space.

Do mirrors work in outer space?

Yes, mirrors do work in outer space! That is because light also travels in space just like on Earth.

Do newtons laws work for outer space?


How do people work in outer space?

from techonolgy

Do magnets work in outer space?

Magnets work anywhere.

Would the balance work in outer space?

The balance would not work in outer space. If you are in outer space then you are not experience a gravitational force, which what a balance measures. Or if you are in orbit then you are in free fall with the objects around you and would feel weightless and also be unable to measure with a balance.

What is an adjective to describe space starting with the letter j?

Jumbo would work, if you're talking about outer space

Why wouldn't you be able to hear a sound in outer space?

sound doesn't work a vacuum

Can astronauts bring their phones to space?

Yes, but they won't work. The signal isn't strong enough.

How Do Electromagnetic Waves Work?

Electromagnetic waves are waves which can travel through the vacuum of outer space.

How can Hubble Telescope work if stars aren't visible in outer space?

One of your premises is incorrect. Stars are visible in outer space. Photographs in outer space sometimes do not show the stars due to other sources of light or the camera type, but you can actually see stars more easily because there is no atmosphere.

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