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No. It has a solid core, surrounded by a fluid outer core, surrounded by a partially melted core, but its relatively small (20%) compared to the earths (50%).

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Q: Does the moon have a large molten core?
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Does the moon have large molten core?

No, because it doesn't have a two part core

Why does the Moon have a Maria?

Maria is latin for sea. They are actually large basaltic lava flows from the period when the moon still had a molten core.

What are the Moon's seas made of?

They are old lava flows from the time when the moon still had a molten core.

Does the earth have large molten core?

Earth has a two-part core. The outer portion is molten while the inner portion is solid.

What temperature is the moon's core?

The moon's core temperature is approximately 2,400 to 2,600 Fahrenheit or 1,327 to 1,427 Celsius. The core of the moon is mainly made up of iron and it has an inner molten mantle layer.

Would you expect plate tectonic activity similar to that on the earth to occur on the Moon?

No. The moon does not have a molten core for the plates to "float" on.

Does the moon have moving plates or active volcano's?

No, the Moon no longer has a molten core, so there no active volcanos or moving tetonic plates.

Is the core of the earth molten?

Part of it is. The outer core is molten while the inner core is solid.

Does thew moon have water?

No, the moon does not have any water due to the fact that its core is only one-fifth the size of its radius. In contrast, Earth's core is about half the size of the planet's radius. Furthermore, the moon's core is not molten, nor does the moon spin on its axis, it's tidally locked to Earth.

What did scientist learn from creating artificial moonquakes?

Scientists determined that the moon may have a small core of molten rock at its center

What layer of earth is made up of hot molten rocks?

The outer core is the only molten layer of the Earth. == ==

Is molten iron and nickel in the outer core spinning?

Yes! The molten iron and nickel in the outer core is spinning.