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yes..Usagi does marry Hanzo..

and they had three daughters and a newborn baby..

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Q: Does usagi marry hanzo in tail of the moon manga?
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What chapter in Sailor Moon manga do darien and usagi break up?

The only break up in the anime not manga. For anime its episode 61.

Why is it that is some Sailor Moon animes her name is Serena but in others it is usagi?

Serena was the name given to her character in the DiC dubbed version of the show, while Usagi is her original name from the manga.

Where does Sailor Moon meet Luna?

The very first time Usagi (Serena/Sailor Moon) encounters Luna in the anime and the manga, it is on her way to school. She overhears some elementary school-age boys poking and prodding at a cat, and Usagi chases them off. She removes the bandage from Luna's forehead, after which Luna stares at Usagi and then bounds from Usagi's head on top of a car. Usagi is disturbed by the cat's stare, but momentarily realizes she's going to be late to school, and then runs away. Luna follows Usagi and later confronts her in Usagi's own home, having come in via the bedroom window. It is after this confrontation that Usagi turns into Sailor Moon for the first time. In the live action series, Luna is a plush toy before she gains a human form (and a Sailor transformation at that), and she "meets" Usagi for the first time by falling on Usagi's head from the sky.

Does seiya know usagi is the moon princess?

He dose in the last episode (I think) because usagi turn into the moon princess

How old is usagi?

Name: Usagi Tsukino Age: 14-16 in the beggining of sailor moon usagi tsukino or as known sailor moonwas about 14 years the fifth arc of sailor moon as known at title sailor star usagi was about in age of 16..

Is Rene sailor chibichibi moon?

No. You see there is a difference between sailor Chibi moon and sailor Chibichibi moon. Sailor Chibi moon is sailor mini moon- Usagi/Serena's daughter of the future. Chibichibi moon is a completely different person.. The exact answer to who Chibichibi really is, is unknown. In the manga Chibichibi is another timelines Usagi, that Usagi ran away from the battle with chaos so That Usagi came back to our time 'or the time when this took place', descised herself and tried to help our time's Usagi make the right choices... and to not run away from battle this time. In the anime- Chibichibi is the star seed of the good Sailor Galaxia-- the only force that can challenge her power seriously.. Anyways.. so there is a big difference between Chibi-usa *Chibi moon* and Chibichibi. Not the same person. Chibi usa has light pink hair, Chibichibi has dark pink-- almost red hair... if that creates a physical difference. I hope this helps. :)

Do Serena and Darien get married in the series or in the movies and does Darien leave to go to school and come back before the series' or movies' end as well being engaged?

Serena (Usagi) and Darien (Mamoru) do not get married in the anime series, though they do in the conclusion of the manga series. In both the anime and the manga's final arc, Mamoru proposes to Usagi before departing for the United States on an airplane, a voyage he never completes because Sailor Galaxia steals his Star Seed, the Golden Crystal, before he makes it. At the conclusion of both the anime and manga, Mamoru returns; in the anime, he and Usagi are presumably still engaged, but in the manga, they marry. Just prior to their wedding, Crystal Tokyo is shown, implying that it the wedding takes place during the 30th century. There are three Sailor Moon feature films; all of them take place prior to the final arc, called Sailor Moon Sailor Stars in the anime, so Usagi and Mamoru are not engaged or married in any of them. However, anime artwork does exist of Usagi and Mamoru in wedding garb; often this was promotional arc strictly for posters and other memorabilia, and does not reflect anything that actually happened during the series' 200-episode run.

What is Sailor Cosmos' real name?

Sailor Cosmos never states what, if any, "real" name she had at any point during her appearance in the final acts of the Sailor Moon manga. However, she does reveal that she took on the form of Chibi Chibi in an effort to encourage Sailor Moon/Usagi to destroy the Galaxy Cauldron. Sailor Ceres states that Cosmos is the "ultimate form of Sailor Moon," but it is believed that this is intentionally vague wording on mangaka Naoko Takeuchi's part, as there's no way to determine if Ceres was referencing Usagi as Sailor Moon, the title of Sailor Moon (which can be passed down to daughters, as Usagi inevitably would do for her daughter, Chibiusa), or something else, such as a future incarnation.

In what Sailor Moon episode do Usagi and Mamoru sleep together?

In the last act of the Japanese manga, a naked Usagi and Mamoru are shown waking up in the same bed, and are later shown marrying. Usagi tells Mamoru that she can feel their future daughter (Chibiusa) growing inside her, implying she and Mamoru not only shared a bed, but also had sex. In an earlier chapter, however, there is an implication that she may have had sex with Mamoru

Does seiya like usagi?

yes seiya does like sailor moon

Is sailor moon Serena?

Yes. Princess Serenity was the moon princess in the Silver Millennium a thousand years ago. Then, ater the battle with the Dark Kingdom, Endymion got killed. Serenity stabbed herself with his sword (in the manga) because she couldn't bear to live without him. In the anime, they were all killed by Metallia. Then, they were reincarnated on Earth. Usagi (Serena) is the reincarnation of Princess Serenity. Sailor Moon, although she never appeared in the Silver Millennium (or at least I don't think she did) is Usagi as well.

What episode does sailor Moon reveal that she hates carrots?

Sailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino in the Japanese) never reveals that she dislikes carrots in the anime. In fact, she is seen buying them in several episodes when she goes grocery shopping, including when she makes curry for Chibiusa's class and when she and Chibiusa go shopping during the SuperS season and (incidentally) see that episode's Target of the Week haggling a checkout attendant. Instead, the irony of Usagi disliking carrots is something revealed in various manga profiles, but it's never outright stated by Usagi herself in the anime. 10