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good bye good-bye goodbye (this is the right way)

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Q: How do you spell good by with a space a hyphen or no space a all?
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Leave one space before and after a hyphen?

No, there are no spaces within hyphenated words. There should only be a space before and after the entire word like all words when you are writing.

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yes i can

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Hyphen~ Because that is two different words put together, so that it is easier to say, write, etc. Space~ These are two words that either couldn't be combined, or the author chose not to. Together~ It has a different meaning. For example: Together is totally different than to get her. there curse words have you seen are we there yet yea they use them all the time when ice cube said blt(h!!!

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Yes, it is. It's a good exercise machine and if you have the space then you can get it.

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It is called environmental hazard. All the titles actually spell out "Nicole is Dead" with its first letter.

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Ye its good yeh very good and you shoulds all make your own space ships with it yeh yeh yeh

How do you change a long dash into a hyphen throughout a text using Find and Replace?

Change the long dash to a hyphen one time manually.Open the replace option (by whatever method works for your application).Copy and paste the long dash into the Find Whatbox.Copy and paste the hyphen into the Replace Withbox.Clik Replace All.

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It has another L, the actual word "volcano" in it. The reason you see it spaced or hyphenated is that the word is too long (45 letters) to display in the question and answers boxes properly. When this happens, all you see are the "..." after the maximum letters. It is (minus the hyphen) "pneumonoultramicroscopic-silicovolcanoconiosis."

Why do you spell separate all together and all together you spell separate?


How do you say cowboy in french?

It sounds like "koo-BOee" (the French language doesn't have all the diphthongs of English, so when the French imitate them it just sounds like two separate vowels instead of the glide that native speakers do) also, note they spell it with a hyphen: cow-boy