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Big Bang is a real misnomer. It was just a rapid expansion.

If you get a deflated balloon and stick small round stickers all over the surface and then slowly blow up the balloon, you will see the stickers all move away from each other. The more you inflate the balloon, the further the stickers move away from each other and the faster they move away. Blow a bit more and they all get further apart again. No sticker could be said to be the central sticker and no sticker is at the centre of the balloon.

It's much like our Universe. If every sticker was a galaxy, then that is how we see it today. Galaxies are moving further, and faster away from each other. No galaxy is at the centre; they were all at the same point before the expansion.

This is a very simplified example of the expansion theory.

For more information see related links.

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Q: How is the Balloon model a good model to explain the Big Bang?
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