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Q: How long is a day on Jupiter compared to a day on earth?
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How long is the day on Jupiter as compared to earth?

A jovian day lasts for 16 hours, so less sleep!

How long is a Jupiter day compared to a regular earth day?

A Jupiter has no solid surface different bits rotate ad different speeds. However the equatorial portion of Jupiter makes one rotation every 9.925 Earth hours.

What is jupiter's length of one day compared to earth?

Twelve (12) Earth Days

How long is a year in Jupiter in Earth day?

4,332 days.

Does jupiter has a longer day than earth?

No. Jupiter rotates very fast, and a "day" on Jupiter is a little under 10 hours long.

How long is Jupiter's rotation in Earth days?

A Jupiter day is 10 Earth hours, and a year is 12 Earth years, or about 4383 Earth days.

How long is one day in Pluto compared to earth?

6.487 Earth days long.

Length of a year and day on Jupiter?

Jupiter's orbit is roughly 11.86 Earth Years. A day on Jupiter is much less actually, taking only about 9 hrs 55 min compared to our 24.

How Long is a day on Mars compared to Earth?

a day on mars is 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds compared to earth.

How long does it take for Jupiter to rotate?

The planet Jupiter takes about 9.925 Earth hours to rotate once (a Jupiter day).

How long are days and years on Jupiter?

One day on Jupiter is about 10 hours long. This is the shortest day of all the planets. One year on Jupiter equals 12 years on Earth.

How many hours in a day are there on Jupiter compared to earth?

There is a 14.07504 hour difference in the day between the two planets. A day on Jupiter lasts 9.92496 hours as it is the fastest rotating body in your Solar System while an Earth day of course is 24 hours.

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