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because he was an scarydy crow

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Thats not a joke this is a real question
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Q: If a student weighs 100 pounds on earth how much more or less would she weigh on Pluto then mars?
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If a student weighs 90 pounds on earth how much would he weigh on Pluto?

54 pounds

What would a 100 pound person way on Pluto?

If a person weighs 100 pounds on earth earth. They will weight approximatly 6.7 pounds on pluto. Hope that helps (: -Micaella

If a child on earth weighs 78 pounds how much would it way on Pluto?


How much would you weigh on Pluto if you weigh 150 pounds on Earth?

Pluto's volume is about 1/115th of Earth, but its mass is only 1/455th Earth's. The gravity there is one-fifteenth of Earth's so a person's weight on Pluto would be less than 7% of their weight on Earth. Example : man weighs 150 pounds on Earth, effectively 10 pounds on Pluto (push-ups not a problem) Example : rabbit weighs 1.5 kg on Earth, only 100 grams on Pluto (even in spacesuit, hops over houses)

How much would a 100 pound person weigh on Phobos?

The weight of a person on Pluto would be equal to about 1/15 of their weight on Earth. As such, a person who weighs 100lbs on Earth would weigh about 6.67lbs on Pluto.You would weigh just 6.7 pounds on Pluto.

What is Pluto's gravity in pounds?

Pluto has 8% of the gravity of earth so if you weigh 100 pounds here you will weigh 8 pounds on Pluto.

If your weight on earth is 150 pounds how much would you weigh on Pluto?

Nine pounds on Pluto.

On earth a metric ton weighs about how many pounds?

On Earth a metric ton weighs 2,204.623 pounds.

An object that weighs how 30 lb on earth weighs how many pounds on the moon?

an object that weighs 30 ib on earth weighs how many pounds on the moon

How much gravity is Pluto?

plutos gravity is about 1/15th that of Earth. If you weighed 100 pounds on Earth, you would weigh about 6 1/2 pounds on Pluto.

If a student has a mass of 90 kg what is the students weight?

A mass of 90 kg weighs 882 newtons (198.4 pounds) on the earth. (rounded)

Is a kilogram over 2 pounds?

That depends where it is. 1 kilogram of mass weighs 2.205 pounds on earth. It also weighs more than two pounds on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and the sun. But it weighs less than 2 pounds on Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, Pluto, and on any comet, asteroid, or moon of any other planet in the solar system.