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Q: Is The moon was full 4 weeks ago so it should be full again tonight an inductive or deductive argument?
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How do you formulate a deductive or inductive argument?

For a deductive argument, you start with a general premise and apply it to a specific case to reach a certain conclusion. In contrast, an inductive argument begins with specific observations and generalizes to a broader theory or principle. Both types aim to support a conclusion with appropriate reasoning and logic.

CL hamblin on deductive and inductive reasoning?

How should I know? Its not like I am C.L.Hamblin.

What should a deductive argument never be characterized as?

A deductive argument should never be characterized as uncertain or probabilistic. It aims to provide a conclusion that necessarily follows from the premises, making it either valid or invalid based on the structure of the argument and the truth of the premises.

How Can a strong inductive argument have a false conclusion?

A strong inductive argument can have a false conclusion if the premises are not relevant to the conclusion, even though they may seem to provide strong support. This can happen if there is a flaw in the reasoning or if there is a hidden assumption that is not valid. Strong inductive arguments should have premises that are actually connected to the conclusion in order for the argument to be valid.

Can inductive and deductive methods be used effectively used in persuasive writing?

By contrast, in a deductive essay, you start with a general principle and then apply it ...When you write an inductive essay, the validity of your conclusion will depend ... Present your conclusion, which should flow logically from your evidence. ...Rhetoric is the art of persuasion, and any effective persuasive essayfound it onnn gooogleee.

What is a deductive paragraph?

A deductive paragraph is a paragraph in which the topic sentence is stated first. The first sentence of a deductive paragraph should be the topic sentence.

Is inductive or deductive reasoning the best way to approach a geometric proof?

Please remember proof gives absolute truth, which means it HAS to be true for all cases satisfying the condition. Hence, inductive reasoning will NEVER be able to be used for that ---- it only supposes that the OBSERVED is true than the rest must, that's garbage, if it's observed of course it's true (in Math), no one knows what will come next. But it's a good place to start, inductive reasoning gives a person incentive to do a full proof. Do NOT confuse inductive reasoning with inductive proof. Inductive reasoning: If a1 is true, a2 is true, and a3 is true, than a4 should be true. Inductive Proof: If a1 is true (1), and for every an, a(n+1) is true as well (2), then, since a1 is true (1), then a2 is true (2), then a3 is true (2). You see, in inductive proof, there is a process of deductive reasoning ---- proving (1) and (2). (1) is usually, just plugin case 1. (2) provides only a generic condition, asking you to derive the result (a (n+1) being true), that is deductive reasoning. In other words, proof uses implications a cause b, and b cause c hence a cause c. Inductive says though a causes c because I saw one example of it.

What should deductive arguments never be characterized as?


What did Francis Bacon and English philosopher believe scientists should do?

use inductive reasoning.

What should inductive arguments never be characterized as?

Inductive arguments should never be characterized as guaranteeing truth or absolute certainty. This is because inductive reasoning relies on specific examples to draw general conclusions, which are probabilistic and open to revision based on new evidence.

When was If I Should Die Tonight created?

If I Should Die Tonight was created in 1973.

Who believed that sientists should use inductive reasoning?

Francis Bacon