Is there a moon named io?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Io is a moon of Jupiter.

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Q: Is there a moon named io?
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What moon is named io?

The moon Io.

Why is a moon named Io and what does it mean?

Io is one of the moons of Jupiter, which was named after the Roman counterpart to the Greek god Zeus. Io was named after a woman in Greek mythology who had an affair with Zeus.

What are the four moon named?

io castillio europen and ganayed

Which planet has a moon named Io?

Jupiter has the Moon called Io - the most volcanically active object in our solar system.

Does IO orbit the sun?

There are two objects in the solar system named Io. One is an asteroid which orbits the sun. The better-known Io is a moon that orbits Jupiter.

Where is the moon Io located?

The moon Io is located by Jupiter.

Is io bigger than the moon?

Io is a little bigger than the moon :)

Which of jupiter's moons has the most volcanic activity?

Planet - The EarthMoon - Io a Moon of Jupiter.

Which moon looks the brightest from the surface of Jupiter?

The moon Io looks the brightest from the surface of Jupiter. That's because Io is the closest moon to the planet. Io is the moon on the left of the planet.

How many volcanoes are there on Jupiter's moon Io?

There is no exact amount of volcanoes that are on Saturn. However, these are ice volcanoes and they are scientifically named cryovolcanoes.

Why did they name Jupiter's moon IO?

All of the moons of Jupiter with names are named after lovers of the Greek god Zeus or his Roman equivalent Jupiter. Io was one of those lovers.

What is the size of Jupiter's moon Io?

Io is the fourth largest moon in the Solar System and the third largest of the moons of Jupiter.Diameter is 3,640 kmCircumference is 11,429.6 kmSurface area is 41,624,846.02 km2Volume is 25,252,406,590 km3.Io is slightly larger than our own moon.