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Hypergiant [See Link] is only a classification for stars with tremendous mass and luminosity, showing signs of a very high rate of mass loss. It is a "loose" term for the most massive stars found, even though there are more precise definitions.

The largest known star in this class is VY Canis Majoris [See Link] which is about 2,000 times larger than our own Sun. [See Link]

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Q: Is there any star bigger than a hyper giant?
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Who is the bigger the big giant star or the sun?

A giant star is smaller than the sun.

What star much is bigger than your sun?

A Red Giant would be one larger than our sun.

Is the north star bigger than the canis majoris?

NO, VY Canis Majoris is the biggest star known to man . This star is also one of the most luminous star ever found . It is red hyper giant in the constellation Canis major . This star is 1800-2100 solar radii in radius and about 4900 light years away from the earth .

Is a red giant star larger then the sun?

Yes because the Sun is not a giant so all giants are bigger than the Sun.

What is the star that is larger than the sun?

Many stars are bigger, but Betelgeuse is one of them, a red giant.

What is Bigger a Hyper Giant Star or Super Giant Star?

Hypergiants are super luminous supergiants. It isn't all about sheer size. Eta Carinae is a hypergiant but it is smaller than the supergiant Antares. This is due to the fact that Eta Carinae is about 60 times as luminous as Antares and 10 times as massive. Although size doesn't matter, the largest star VY Canis Majoris is a Hypergiant.

What super giant star in the milky way is approximately 800 times bigger than the sun?


What is a star that is much larger than the sun?

Many stars are bigger, but Betelgeuse is one of them, a red giant.

Is the sun a giant star bigger than any other star?

No. The sun is larger than the average star, but nothing extraordinary. There are stars many times larger than the sun. The sun only appears bigger than any other star because it is much closer to us.

Is Altair an example of a giant star?

Not really. Its mass is 1.8 times that of the Sun, which is a mid-sized star. So while Altair is bigger than the Sun, it is not in the same category as Betelgeuse as an example of a giant star.

Is a Red Giant star larger than a neutron star?

Yes far bigger. A red giant would cover the distance from the Sun to the Earth. A neutron star could be the size of New York City.

When a star collapses does it get bigger?

that depends on how large the red or super red giant was. if it was a super red giant that is 1000X larger than a red giant. it will become a black hole