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Stellar classification is based on the analysis of light from stars. The temperature from the photosphere of the star effects the amount and types of ions and this is used classifying the star.

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Q: Relate the stellar temperature to the classification of a star?
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What is the relationship between the color and the temperature of star?

The relationship is that the color is an indication of the star's surface temperature. For example, red stars are cooler, while blue stars are hotter. You can find more details in the Wikipedia article "Stellar classification".

What type of star is a Enif?

It is a star that has entered the super-giant phase. Its stellar classification is K2 1b.

Is our sun an O star?

== == No our Sun is a G2V star. See related link for more information on stellar classification

Is our Sun is an O star.?

== == No our Sun is a G2V star. See related link for more information on stellar classification

Is a white and blue star hotter then a red star?

Yes. See the Wikipedia article on "Stellar classification". For example, a class "O" star (blue) has a surface temperature greater than 30,000 K, a class "A" star (white) has a surface temperature of 7,500 - 10,000 K, and a class "M" star (red) has a surface temperature of 2400-3700 K. (All temperatures use the absolute scale.)

What type of star is Sadalmelik?

Alpha Aquarii -also known as Sadalmelik- is a supergiant star in the Aquarius constellation. It has a stellar classification of G2 lb.

When does stellar nucleosynthesis start in a star?

When the temperature in the core reaches 10 million degrees Kelvin.

Is the star Rasalhague a super giant?

Alpha Ophiuchi is considered to have a stellar classification of A5 III, which makes it a "normal" giant, not a supergiant.

How do positive and negative numbers relate to a star's temperature?

the positive is the dimmest star. the negative is the brightest star.

What is the outer atmosphere of a star called?

The outermost atmosphere of a star is called Stellar atmosphere. Within the Stellar atmosphere, the corona is the outermost part. The corona mostly consist of plasma which has a temperature above a million Kelvin.

In main-sequence star how does brightness relate to temperature?

The brightness is very similar to the temperature, the brightness relies on the temperature

Do scientists use stellar parallax to determine a star's temperature?

Not if they have the faintest clue what they're doing. Parallax is used to measure distance, not temperature.