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Sunspots affect radio compunication and the weather.

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Q: What do sunspots affect?
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What Sunspots affect?

Sunspots affect radio compunication and the weather.

Do sunspots affect the earth?


How do sunspots affect earth?


What are the effects of sunspots?

sunspots affect terrestrial magnetism and certain other terrestrial phenomena as well

How does sunspots activity affects radio reception?

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How do sunspots affect our communications systems?

Sunspots do not affect out communications systems as of now. However, a very large sunspot could knock out communications by releasing tons of ions that will disrupt communications.

Why do sun spots effect Earth?

Sunspots affect the Earth's ionosphere the most. More solar wind (wind caused by sunspots) will interfere with satellites, and also causes the ionosphere to swell. They affect Earth because of the magnetic activity caused by the sunspots and solar flares.

How can the events on the sun affect earth?

sunspots are magnetic storms, therefore it can affect our weather here on earth

How can events on the Sun affect the Earth?

sunspots are magnetic storms, therefore it can affect our weather here on earth

What are do they affect earth?

Sunspots are originally thought to be planets. They are darker than the surrounding photo sphere. Sunspots are caused by large magnetic fields

Could the number of sunspots affect the amount of volcanic activity on earth?

Highly unlikely.

Is sunspots related to the suns magnesium?

All surface artifacts of the sun are caused by magnetism (Magnesium is an element and does not affect much.) These phenomena include sunspots, solar flares, and plasma ejections.

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