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He is a reporter on Fox 13 news in Salt Lake City.

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Q: What happened to daytime Dave nemeth?
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Who is Dave Nemeth?

He is one of the hosts on "Daytime". See the related link below.

What happen to Dave Nemeth who was on daytime?

He left the show to explore other opportunites. Type your answer here...

What movie and television projects has Dave Nemeth been in?

Dave Nemeth has: Played TV Anchor in "NewsRadio" in 1995. Played Reporter in "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" in 1996. Played Wally Gilliams, TV Newscaster in "Sabrina, Down Under" in 1999. Played Himself - Host in "Daytime" in 2002. Played Newscaster in "Locusts" in 2005. Played Hunter Husky in "Husky" in 2012. Played David Portrero in "40 Point Plan" in 2012.

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What is the birth name of Ryan Nemeth?

Ryan Nemeth's birth name is Ryan Phillip Nemeth.

When did Daytime Emmy Award happen?

Daytime Emmy Award happened in 1974.

How tall is Nick Nemeth?

Nick Nemeth is 6'.

When was Abraham Nemeth born?

Abraham Nemeth was born in 1918.

When was Steve Nemeth born?

Steve Nemeth was born in 1967.

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Ryan Nemeth is 6' 1".

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