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See link - Will answer all your size questions

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Q: What is the correct size relationship of the eight planets?
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What is the size of the eight planets?

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Anong the eight planets which have the largest size and least density?

The four Jovian planets

What number is earth among the planets on the scale of size?

Earth is the fifth largest of the eight planets of the Solar System

Which of the planets has no atmosphere?

Mercury is the smallest of the eight planets, and is the only one not to have an atmosphere. This is due to its small size and close proximity to the sun.

What size is mars largest or smallest?

Neither. Of the eight planets its the second smallest after Mercury.

How many planets are in our solar sytem?

There are eight planets in our solar systemThe Planets extending from the sun in order:MercuryVenusEarthMarsJupiterSaturnUranusNeptuneWe've found 5 dwarf planets as wellThe dwarf planets in size order:ErisPlutoHaumeaMakemakeCeres

How do you spell planets?

That is the correct spelling of "planet" -- a large object orbiting a star. In our solar system, planetary bodies are generally classified by size and orbits as planets, dwarf planets, moons, or asteroids.

Is the earth fifth in size?

among the eight planets of our solar system, from largest to smallest, yes

What is the mean size of the planets in your solar syster?

The mean size(volume) of all eight planets in the solar system is around 2.96 * 10^23 m^3 which equals about 273 earths.

How does Saturn rank in size compared to the other planets of our solar system?

Saturn is the second largest planet of all eight planets in our solar system.

Is there a solar system that has 8 planets besides ours?

Other stars, other than our own, have had multiple planets detected in an orbit around them. Its highly likely that there are other systems with eight planets. Planets the size of mercury or even slightly bigger planets the size of the Earth are extremely difficult to detect, so a star with four or five large known planets may actually have a lot more planets.

What is earths position in the solar system according to its size?

Of the eight planets in our solar system, Earths is the fifth largest or the fourth smallest.