What planet did the viking 1 land on?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Viking 1 landed on Mars in July 1976.

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Q: What planet did the viking 1 land on?
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What planet had a spacecraft land on it in 1976?

Mars. Viking 1 and Viking 2 both landed on the planets surface in 1976.

Viking 1 and 11 orbited and photographed what planet?


What sent the viking 1 into space?

To orbit the planet Venus

Why was space probe viking 1 sent in outer space?

viking 1 was sent in outer space is to study planet from surfaces.. it was sent and landed at Mars and studied the surface of the planet... :)

What year did viking 1 land on mars?

The two VIKING probes arrived in Mars orbit in 1976 when they started sending photographs back to Earth. The two orbiters continued sending photographs and the landers conducted experiments on the planet's surface until they failed as follows:Viking 2 Orbiter: July 1978 Viking 2 Lander: April 1980 Viking 1 Orbiter: August 1980 Viking 1 Lander: November 1982.

Two Viking Spacecrafts Landed On This Planet In 1976?

The Viking program sent two space probes to the planet Mars in 1976. It was a very expensive mission, costing approximately 1 billion dollars.

What planet did Viking go to?

The Viking program was a pair of probes launched in 1975, Viking I and Viking II, which were both sent to land on Mars. They ran a series of experiments while on the planet, Viking I operated for just over 3 and a half years until it suffered battery failure. Viking II operated for just over six years, unfortunately human error caused its antenna to stop working, and it could no longer communicate.

In what year did NASA first land a spacecraft on mars?

NASA's Viking 1 and Viking 2 landed on Mars in 1976.

Which planet did the Viking space probes visited?

The Viking space probes visited the planet Mars

What planet was the Viking probe sent to?


What was the name of the first mars space probe expedition that did not land on mars by the us?

viking 1

What did the viking spacecraft land on?