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The main factor that delayed development of the model of the solar system was the lack of accurate measurement apparatus and the lack of the will to develop any. Another factor was the lack of a telescope. Therefore the Ptolemaic model of the planets' orbits lasted from the 1st century until the 15th century.

The Ptolemaic model with the Earth at the centre was complicated but everyone understood it and accepted that it was correct. It predicted the planets' positions pretty accurately and no-one saw any need to change it.

It was only when Tycho Brahe invented new ways of measuring the planets' positions in the late 1500s that he realised that there were inaccuracies in the Ptolemaic model. To improve on the model he invented a new model that differed in some details. Meanwhile Copernicus had devised another new system, similar to Ptolemy's model in some ways but with the Sun at the centre and the Earth in orbit round it.

Tycho's model still had the Earth at the centre, while the Moon and Sun orbited the Earth and the other five known planets orbited the Sun.

But when Kepler got hold of Tycho's measurements he devised a new system which used Copernicus's idea of placing the Sun at the centre, with all the planets incuding the Earth in orbit round the Sun. Kepler used the novel idea of elliptical orbits, and this model has stood the test of time for over 400 years now.

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Q: What three incorrect ideas held back the development of modern astronomy from the time of Aristotle until the 16thy century?
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What three incorrect idea held back the development of modern astronomy from the time of modern astronomy from the time of Aristotle until 16th century?

Scientific theories are based on observations and deductions, and the Ptolemaic theory of the solar system fitted the observations of the planets' positions quite well, so it was not wrong, it was OK until better measurement methods showed that it needed improving. The Ptolemaic model of a planet's orbit, also used by Copernicus, had the planet moving round a small circle called an epicycle once, while the centre of the epicycle moved round a circular path, also once, in the opposite direction. This is not a bad model for an elliptical orbit with low eccentricity, which looks like a circle with an offset centre, which is what the Ptolemaic model describes. But Kepler had Tycho's recent observations when he discovered the new laws of planetary motion in which the planets move in ellipses. Tycho's measurements were just accurate enough to allow Kepler to discover the difference. So the old ideas had to wait until the science of measurements were good enough to point the way to elliptical orbits, and that took a long time.

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