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It will turn into a white dwarf and eventually loose all it's energy to the universe and eventually turn into a black dwarf. This process will take billions of years. So long in fact, that the universe hasn't been around long enough for a black dwarf to form.

The Sun creates heat by converting hydrogen into helium through fusion at its core. It is estimated that in roughly 5 billion years the Sun will use up all of its hydrogen and become a Red Giant. As the Sun's radius expands, Earth may or may not be consumed, but it will no longer be able to sustain life due to greatly increased temperatures.I also think all the planets will no longer be a planeets because the sun will have no more energy.Even if there was another universe we are not sure

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Q: What will happen when the sun dies?
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What do you think will happen when the sun dies?

there will no solar system and no earth.

What do you think will happen if the sun goes away forever?

I know what will happen. Everything dies.

What will happen to mercury and Pluto if sun dies?

thell probably stay as they are

What will happen to earth when the sun dies?

we will not survive and it will swipe our atmosphere right of us.

When the sun dies what will happen?

Our solar system may very well collapse.

What will happen to the earth after the sun dies?

WE WILL ALL DIE we will have no sun to for crops so our food source will die and so will we

When is the end of the universe?

basically whenever the sun dies, but that will not happen for a few million years

What will happen to all life if the sun dies?

The most probable outcome is that there would be a HUGE Ice Age. yet that will not happen

What is going to happen to the sun when it dies and when will this happen?

The sun will burn off all its fuel and eventually turn into a big giant called the red giant. It will die in about 5 billion years.

Is there another sun when the sun dies?


What happen when a fox dies?

It dies and then decomposes.

What will happen to earth if sun dies?

Earth dies too.Either one of two things will happen: 1. The amount of helium in the sun will get so small and the amount of carbon dioxide will get so big, that the Earth will be swallowed by the sun.or2. The sun will explode and form into a big black hole and Earth and all the other planets will be going in the black hole.

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