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well you need a space suit and a pressure bag. landing on it would be like on the moon exsept the gravity on mars is low so you would just about float on it not off it because the pressure is keeping you in place so its like the moon.also there are water rivers off about 3 million years ago still in shape but the water just leaves a stain in a vally the water gets exstininc because of the atmousphere and comets hiting the water vallies luckliy.if you took your space helmate off while breathed out suddenly less than 1 second your lungs just turn into a burst balloon wen it pops the pressure is 16 times more stronger than earth and the moon because your adapted to earth the gravity the oxigen not one plant or human could suiving in the dead black gassesness off space. the gas comes from planets galaxys and stars and gets dragged into the planets atmosphere. any way that's why we call Jupiter a gas planet because of 4 million gas tipes in the air in it comes from other planets n stars. the after the lugs your veins blue and red ones boil like a kettel they become very very hott and boils yr blood olny if your facein the sun because of the light if you gone underground in mars build a hole like a vault and took yr helemate space suit off you would freeze yr veins and flesh would turn in to your chicken dinner in a fridge. hope its helped and we could plant plants on mars we could suck earths air in a inserinterinter vacum bag and open it up in mars so oxygen and carbon dioxside could make you your self take your space suit off but the planet mars has to get used to having a new gas on it and plants will eventilly be exposed to open oxgen air{i know i have spelt things from because my PC keeps crashing} thanks hope i heleped

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Yes, it is possible to travel on Mars as it consists mainly of land and there is already technology that proves that travelling on Mars is possible, e.g. space robots that are moving around and exploring Mars. However, these robots are remote controlled and it makes use of solar power, without humans steering it in the vehicle itself. Future technology will make the dream of stepping on Mars a reality.

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You would need a lot of oxygen none perishable food, water, astronaut suit, something to do on the long trip and lots of other things.

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I would use a space ship or one of those ships from NASA, but it depends on the travel gas on the ship.

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Q: What would you need to travel to mars?
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What would you need to go to Mars?

You would need a rocket ship in order to travel to Mars. You would also need a space suit and an oxygen tank.

What would be the best thing to travel in when traveling to Mars?

The best thing to travel in would be a space ship. It is a long way to the planet of Mars.

How would people travel to Mars?

In a special space ship.

Why would an astronaut on mars need a spacesuit the mystery of mars story a?

Well first they would need it for oxygen saying that there isn't much if at all on Mars, they would also need one to prtect them from the deadly radiation.

Would a person survive in mars?

no because you need oxygen and in Mars

What would you need in order to live on mars?

to live on Mars you would need Oxogen, water, food, and lots of sun tanning lotion because Mars is very hot!

What will you need to travel to Pluto?

We don't have any idea. We are still working on figuring out what we need to travel to Mars. As of 2017 we don't have the technology to leave the Earth's orbit.

How long would it take to travel from Jupiter to Mars?

Time of travel would depend upon the speed of the traveler (or the craft containing the traveler).

Would you need food on mars?


If it takes 18 months to travel from earth to mars how long would it take to travel from earth to Jupiter?

24 months

What conditions does life need on mars to survive?

for us we would need what we have here even the things you cant see but for aliens its completely unown what they would need as they are different if there are aliens on mars they would probably not need water as water is only found underground on mars and its rare down there

What would Mars need in order to have evaporation?

it would need to have water in the first place.