When will you attract sun more?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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summer because the sun is twice as hot.

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Q: When will you attract sun more?
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Do darker colors attract more heat from sun?

yes they do

Does blue attract the sun?

No. No color attracts the sun or sunlight.

What colors attract the sun?

The sun is not attracted by any colour.

Why does black hair attract sun?

It doesn't black just absorbs black and repels it more then most colours.

Why dark color attract more the sun?

the darker the color, the more heat it takes in. That's why most summer clothes are light colors.

Does the moon attract the sun or vice versa?

Both. All heavenly bodies attract each other. But the force with which bodies will attract other bodies is based on the mass of the bodies in questions (and the distance between them). The more mass a body has, the more it pulls on another body. The sun is thousands of times more massive than the moon, so it pulls on it more than the moon pulls on the sun. The moon stays here, though, because the earth pulls on the moon, and it is a lot closer to the moon than the sun is. A lot closer. And even though the earth has only a tiny fraction of the mass of the sun, because earth is closer to the moon, the moon stays here with us and isn't pulled away by the sun.

How does the colour black atracted the sun?

The question is quite meaningless. The sun doesn't attract color, color doesn't attract the sun, and black is not a color ... it's the absence of light of any color.

Why does the sun attract all the objects?

because it is big

Why can the sun attract all the planets?

a lot of gravity

Does More Mass Planet Less Mass Planet attract to the sun more?

A more massive planet is attracted more by the Sun if other things like the distance are equal. The force of gravity on a planet is proportional to the mass of the planet and inversely proportional to the sare of the distance.

Which type of force keeps planets in their orbits and makes the sun attract planets towards itself?

It's called the force of gravity which makes all masses attract one another. The Sun's gravity dominates the solar system because the Sun is so much bigger and more massive than anything else in the s/s.

What from the sun holds the planets in orbit?

The Sun AND its planets attract each other with gravitic force.