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Scientists suspect that of the well known planets that Jupiter has a solid core that is large in size. It has been discovered that Jupiter contains a core that includes rock and hydrogen metals, but scientists are unsure if deep within the planet contains a true solid core. Of all the nine planets, Jupiter's core contains the most "solid" case for a true solid core.

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Terrestrial and Gas Giant planets both have iron cores. One way to prove this theory is because all of these planets have or had a magnetic field at some point in their lives.

However, the inner planets, Earth, Venus, and Mercury at least, have molten nickel-iron cores.

Another viewpoint: Scientists still don't know for sure that the gas giants have cores. The magnetic fields of the gas giants are not thought to be caused by iron. For example Jupiter's is believed to be caused by "liquid metallic hydrogen"

All the terrestrial planets are believed to have iron in their cores. Earth definitely has a solid nickel-iron inner core with a liquid nickel-iron outer core.

The extent to which the other inner planets have solid or liquid metallic cores is still uncertain.

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Q: Which planet has a large solid core?
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What planet has a large solid core?


Does Mercury have a solid iron core?

I don't think there is such a thing as a planet having a gas core. Even the gas giants have some solid material at their centers.

what is the definition of Giant?

A large planet composed mostly of gaseous material thought to surround a solid core.

Is mercury the planet a liquid or a solid?

Solid, iron core

Is the planet a solid?

It is mostly solid. Earth has a solid crust, amtle, and inner core. However, the outer core is liquid.

What is the heart of the planet called?

The core. The heart of the planet is called the core, Earth's core is molten while some other planets have solid cores.

Is Pluto a solid or gas planet?

Pluto is a solid planet. Pluto is made mostly of ice, although the core is most likely rock with metal in it.

What is the planet Mars' composition?

Mars is made of a solid iron core.

Is earth a gas planet or solid planet?

Earth has a solid metal inner core and a liquid metal outer core. Most of the rest made up of rocks in a molten state, but with a solid "crust". Finally there is a gas atmosphere.For simplicity scientists call Earth a solid planet to distinguish it from the gas planets, like Jupiter.

What is the solid dense center of our planet?

The solid dense center of our planet is called the inner core. It is made of an iron nickel alloy and has a temperature similar to the sun.

Why is earth the planet?

A planet. It is a large, solid body orbiting its star - the Sun.

Is there an existing core in planet earth?

Terribly worded question, but yes the Earth has a liquid outer core and a solid iron inner core.