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Perhaps you mean Saturn? That is the sixth planet of the solar system, the one with the rings.

If you mean the name of the setting of the book The Lord of the Rings, that would be Arda, which is in Eä (all that is, the universe). Tolkien at least for some time supposed it was a fictional long-gone historic time of our Earth.

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The planet is ours way back when. It is a story of our history sudposedly. It was called Middle Earth.

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Q: Which planet is called lord of the ring's?
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What is Saturn often called?

The Lord of the Rings, for obvious reasons. The ringed planet

What planet is the Lord of the Rings?


What is Saturns nickname?

Saturn's nickname is Lord of The Rings it is named that because it has rings around the planet and they are visible unlike Uranus and Neptune.

What is the nickname for the planet Saturn?

The Lord of the Rings

What is the nickname of the planet Saturn?

the lord of the rings

What nicknames does the planet Saturn have?

lord of the rings because it has so many rings

What was the 3 Lord of the Rings called?

Lord of the Rings- Return of the King is the third book

Why is Saturn nicknamed Lord of the Rings?

Because Saturn is the only planet in our solar system that has rings around it.

Dooms Mountain Lord of the Rings?

Yes, The Lord of the Rings has a mountain called "Mt. Doom".

What is third Lord of the Rings called?

The third book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy is titled The Return of the King.

Is there another name for Saturn?

The Ringed Planet. Planet o' Rings. The Pretty Planet. Second Gas ball from the sun. The 6th Planet. Old Ringy. Old Sombrero Hat Man. The Ringer. Lord of the Rings.

What are the soldiers called in the lord of the rings?