Why can't you live on the sun?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Because it's too hot, it's about 6000 degrees C so you would be vapourised in a microsecond.

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Q: Why can't you live on the sun?
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How do you get the sun to live forever?

you cant

Why people cant live on the sun?

They would burn up from the heat.

Can we live on Venus the 2nd planet from the Sun?

NO u cant live on venus because it has no oxygen....

How long to sunbeam snakes live?

sunbeam snakes are mythological creatures; animals cant live on the sun.

How long will the sun live for after today?

You never know how long is sun going to live because the sun is extremely hot so the scientists cant look inside the core to find out how long did it live, when it was created, and how much longer is going to live.

What depth do bottlenose dolphins live in?

They live in warm temperatures.

How long will you live after the sun dies?

that depends on how long it takes for all of our trees to die.little by little we all start to die.BECAUSE we cant breath and are plants cant help us.why, there's no sun to help them grow.then there's no AIR LEFT.

How can you stop the sun from die?

no you cant

How can you safley observe the sun?

you cant

Can you look at sun?

no, you cant look right at the sun. it is to strong for you eyes

What would need to be changed to sustain life one Jupiter?

The oxygen level, the amount of water, the distance from the sun, well, HUMANS CANT LIVE THERE.

What is it like to live on the sun?

It, for a start, would be very very very very very very very very very very hot! Actually, come to think of it, you cant live on the sun. You would disintegrate before you even got there, it would be so hot.