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because our societies and those of other species run based on economies.they depend on one another.

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Q: Why is it that nothing can have an existence entirely separate from it's own?
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Do the planets have life cycles?

If you mean do they come into existence and later cease to exist, the answer is; not on their own. In this sense they are like big rocks orbiting a star (sun), and as long as the sun is there they will be there. But, eventually the sun they orbit will explode and destroy them.

Do astronauts drink their own pee?

Astronaut's most certainly do drink their pee. sometimes they run out of stuff to drink so they have nothing else! yes so they don't get dehydrated

What is the difference between alternate universe and alternate timeline?

An alternate universe refers to a separate reality or dimension that exists outside of our own, with its own set of rules and characteristics. On the other hand, an alternate timeline refers to a different sequence of events within the same universe, resulting in a deviation from the original timeline. Alternate universes involve entirely different realities, while alternate timelines involve variations within the same reality.

Can you own a planet?

i don't know its either very expensive or you can't own it at all but you can an own a star

How would you define 'universe'?

Here is how I would define 'universe': NOUN 1) all of physical reality, including the earth and its living things as well as all other entities and phenomena that exist in outer space 2) a reality thought to be separate and parallel to our own governed by its own laws of physics and having its own dimensions of space and time 3) an entire set of proposals, opinions, etc. open for discussion 4) an entire group of people or things from which a sample may be taken 5) a sphere of influence, interest, activity, or experience

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Did David Hume believed that neither your own existence nor the existence of God can be known for certain?

David Hume believed that neither our own existence nor the existence of God can be known for certain

What was Troy the capital of?

Nothing. It was a city-state. it had it's own government separate from Greece and other city-states in what is now Turkey.

What demostrates Descartes own existence?

Nothing. He's been dead for some time, now. His past existence was verified by extant publications, written by himself and others. I believe he was famous for, "I think, therefore I am". Well, he is in the grave right now, so he no longer exists.

What do existentialists believe in and how would they explain the role of the individal?

They believe that people create their own essence and meaning of their lives. They would say that each individual is entirely free and has a responsiblity to create ethical parameters for his own behavior. Existentialists start with the premise that individuals come into existence in an established world that cannot be thought away, and that their existence is more basic than any meaning ascribed to human life.

What did scout mean when she commented that Calpurnia had a separate existence outside your household and that?

Calpurnia is not just the Finch's housekeeper, she does have her own life. Outside of the Finch's house she enjoys going to church and having a social life as well.

What is moral nihilism?

A nihilist is someone who would accept Nihilism, which is the concept that everything is nothing, to put it in a single sentence. We are of no real substance, and all we have is essentially nothing. Where most people believe our actions will bring a different reality, a nihilist would see any action as irrelevant since nothing we do matters. This is my view on it from reading Nietzsche, discussing some Kierkegaard, and a light base of my own thinking on the potential uselessness of reality.

Who is an scientist that discovered existence of galaxies beside your own?

Edwin hubble

When does the good man decide to kill?

when its time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How sodium chloride is a substance that has similar properties as sodium and chlorine or is it an entirely different substance with its own unique properties?

Sodium chloride is it an entirely different substance with its own unique properties.

Does china own japan?

No they are separate countries.

How do the marvels of space and marvels of your own body point to the existence of Allah?

allah has made us best shape in fact allah made man so special that there is nothing more wonderful then he in earth . just consider !

Does the continent of Asia have their own flag and what does it look like?

No, continents don't typically have their own flag. However, the separate countries of Asia do have separate flags.