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I can only assume that the new moon represents a C for C rations. All I know is I never want to eat another one as long as I live.

IMPROVING ANSWER: Could it be that this "red Crescent" symbol means that the meal is OK for observant Muslims to eat? The Red Crescent is like the Red Cross for the Muslim world. Military C-rations are often given to needy civilians in times of disaster, war, etc


It DEFINITELY does NOT mean that the meal is halal (complies with dietary rules of Islam) nor that it is Kosher- many of the meals are not. And I would note that C Rations were replaced by the MRE about 15 years ago. The crescent moon symbol is simply the symbol used for all military rations, just as there is a symbol for ammunition, a symbol for medical supplies, and a symbol for POL (petrol)

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Q: Why is the crescent moon on the c ration box?
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How did c ration crackers get the name John Wayne crackers?

The story goes: You have to be as tough as John Wayne to be able to eat the c ration crackers.

How much food did you get in World War 2?

If you were lucky you would get k ration. They were an important source of food for WWII soldiers. A K ration was also a pocket ration for paratroopers .... but large, pockets that were designed to be able to hold a k ration box. A C ration is an already canned food sent in to the soldiers. If you got or had none of those you had to eat a German soldier. To finish off you would not get to much food to eat during World War 2.

What kind of can opener was included in the c ration box?

The C-Ration can opener is called a P-38. It is a small flat piece of metal with a blade that folds out 90 degrees. The blade is pushed into the can and the plate worked up and down on the rim of the can to work it around the top. See related link below for a picture of the P-38 can opener:

What does the c in c rations mean?

The letter "C" doesn't actually stand for anything. Fresh food was given an "A" nomenclature (A-ration). Packaged but unprepared food was given a "B" nomenclauture (B-ration). C-rations designated prepackaged, prepared foods which were ready for consumption upon opening. The survival rations were given a "D" or "K" nomenclature.

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